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Greek vs Roman Archs
greeks used flat beams romans used rounded beams
rounded beams gives more space and less pillars
stress flows easy with rounded arch
Romes legacy
many legacy's such as buildings and architecture, technology, laws and a system of government, and art.
Why rome fell
The center of europeon civilizations had been conquered, taken over
Spent too much money on luxury and entertainment; hard to defend cause soo much land
Why Rome succeeded
laws, governed well, large army
When did the Goths sack the Romans?
410 CE
What was concrete made from?
limestone and earth
Roman Jury
Jury of 75 people and simple majority 51%=38 people would convict a person
Jury members are called ludices
Good things about living in this time
If you were wealthy you would be treated well with luxury items. It would also be cool to see the buildings
Bad things about living in this time
Lots of wars, treated unfairly if poor, all had to bath in one public bath and same with washrooms
how did the roads, aqueducts and buildings improve living in rome?
roads= better transportations
aqueducts=transports water faster
buildings= more spacious with new arch