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What did the palace of Knosses look like?
The palace of Knossos itself covered atleast six acres and was compliccated arrangement of rooms and chambers that twisted and turned. It even had a plumbing system with indoor toilets. The interior of the palace was decorated with large coloured paintings showing how the minoans worked and played.
What activities took place at the palace of Knosses?
Residence of the king and his family and attendents. A place where attendents and higher officials carried out the daily bussiness of the palace and the area it controlled. Where food and trade items were stored.
Why the sea was a factor that contributed to the growth and prosperity of the Minoan society?
The calm waters of the mediterranean sea that surrounded the island proved to be excelllent fishing grounds. Also constructed a large naval and merchand fleat of ships. They traded their wares as far off as syria and egypt.
Why the land was a factor that contributed to the growth and prosperity of the Minoan society?
They proved to be excelllent farmers. They were able to grow more food
What was Minoan writing was used for?
for record keeping because they stored and exported goods. and they could not read the hieroglyphics they made up.
What the principal role of the monarch was?
Monarchy (rule by one person); King (Minos)
What evidince is there to suggest taht the Minoan were a peaceful society?
Enjoyed sports like bull leaping and boxing , not warlike people.
What the Minoan religious beliefs were?
Goddesses were more important thatn gods, bull was sacred, belived in life after death (buried their dead with food and personal possessions)
why Minoan treatment of women was considered unique?
because they did sports hunted attended sports and other cultural events, such as theatre.
What was bull jumping?
a dangerous form of acrobatics performed with bulls. members would grasp a bulls horns and use them to flip over the bull and into the arms of a teammate.
who could participate in bull jumping?
Young men and women competed in teams.
Why Minoan women were given special status?
because they were responsible for bearing the children who assured the continued existence of the Minoan civilization
whether or not the minoan society was equal or class distinctive?
class distinctive
Why the minoan civilization came to an abrupt end?
volcanic explosion, volcanic ash that destroyed the land for farming, part of thera collapsed causing an earthquakes and tidal waves, ash suffocated people and animals, and ignited fires, poisonous gass and fumes drifted across the island.
What the island of Crete offered the Minoan people?
vast fertile soil and a place for civilization