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Each ruled separantly by Brittish government.
Someone who moves to a new country.
Untied States foces tried to conquer Canada.
War Of 1812
A group of people who have the power of creating laws.
An armed uprising against the government.
A group of states or countries that join together for a common purpose.
A plan all low that was passes by the British Dominoman.
British North American Act
One that crossed the continent, was an expensive and difficult task.
Transcontinetal Railroad
Canadians thought that these territories could be increase for that.
Northwest Territories
The right to vote (women)
What was life like for the French, British, Africans, and the Mohawks in the late 1700's and early 1800's?
Porely, treated porley. Poor Farmers. Brittish-best&rich.Africans-werent slave when came to canada to escape slavery.Mohwak-other Indians didn't like them.French-mpstly poor.
Who were the Loyalists?
People who were being lyal to the Brittish government-stayed close to Brittish.
Why did rebellions take placein Upper and Lower Canada?
The French were upset and wanted to have own rights.
How did Durhams report helo Canadians?
Constently battling eachother to have peacefil life for Canadians and told government.
What was the goal of the Mounties?
To protect indians in the west- Mounties were like the police.
How did the discovery of gold on the Klondike effect Canada?
Gold to make Canadians become weathly. That helped them.
What did the Constitution of 1982 declare?
Made Canada a biligual countrie, 2 lanuguages, French and English.
Who was Nellie McClung and what did she do?
She pointed out that women had worked as equals during the war. She mmade speches that led protestsan marches to gain suffarage as women.
a group of states or countries that join together for a comon purpose.
A self governing country under Brittish rule.
Descendents of French voageurs and Indian women.
A person who favor separating from a country or religious group.