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Southern Africa Region
Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho
Swaizland, Malawi, Mozambique, S Africa, Madagascar
Apartheid means
Apartheid did these things
Placed every S african into a catergory based on race
Discrimination was legal
Forced blacks to move to poor homelands. and denied jobs, schools and citizinship
4 groups apartheid made
Pass laws
blacks stay in homelands unless they could prove they were useful to whites
In 1994 who ended Apartheid laws
President F.W.DeClark
Who was voted the first black president
2 countries were Portuguese colonies till 1974
Rebels fought againest Portugal wars lasted 15 years
and the countries are rebuilding
Angola and Mozambique
Which country was originally a British colony called Rhodesia, freed in1964,war lasted 25 years black government was formed
First a German colony then belonged to S Africa in 1990 became a freed country, nickname Skeleton coast and Uranium is mined here
largely covered by desert had paved roads and 1 school was one of the poorest 5 nations of world
Home of Tswana people discovered diamaonds 1960`
colony set up by Dutch settlers
Cape Town
Some animals that live in Southern Africa
Zebras, giraffes, leopards, lions, elephants
Describe the landscape of Southern Africa
Grassy, woodlandWhat political
What political party helped all south africans
African National Congress
HOw many years was Nelson Mandela in jail?
30 years
The country of South Africa is the richest and most industrialized on the African Continent
2/5 of the manufactured goods
1/2 of the minerals
1/5 of the agricultural goods
True or false
South Africa has had little influence on the region
True or false
An important political party in South Africa is the Africa party
False-African National Congress(ANC)
true or false
The Mbutie who live in the rain forests of Zaire, have a culture more than 3000 yrs old