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Holy war
Christopher Columbus
Discovered America for Spain in 1492
Jamestown & Roanoke
first two English colonies in Virginia
Ann Hutchinson
Put on trial for witchcraft and because she said God spoke to her.
Slave Codes
Laws that controlled slaves
Triangular Trade
3 way trade that included slaves
Acts of Toleration
Religious freedom to Catholics but not Jews in Maryland
Bacon's Rebellion
Raided Indian villages
Navigation Acts
Controlled trade between England and its colonies.
Middle Passage
boat trip from Africa to the Americas. Many slaves died from being tied in the ship.
Great Awakening
Religious movement in the colonies
Stamp Act
A tax on legal papers by England against colonists
Pontiac's War
fighting between the British and Native Americans
French & Indian War
British & colonists fought against the French and the Indians. British forced the colonists to pay for the war. Led to the revolution.
Declaration of Independence
Document from the colonists telling England why they wanted to be a separate country.
Boston Tea Party
A protests of colonists (sons of Liberty) against tax. Threw tea in the harbor.
Louisanna Purchase
Doubled the size of the U.S.
First Continental Congress
delegate from 12 colonies met in Philadelphia to form 1st government.
Articles of Confederation
1st American constitution- Very Weak!
War of 1812
American vs/ Native Americans
Monroe Doctrine
Europe should stay out of the west or we will go to war
Bill of Rights
First 10 amendments to the US Constitution