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Why cant you write a Windows CE-based application that connects directly to SQL Server database?
There are no OLE DB drivers that communicate directly with it.
Two separate mechanisms are provided to move data and schemas between SQL Server CE and SQL Server what are they?
RDA and merge replication.
SQL Server CE does not open a direct connection to SQL Server. Rather, it connects by what mechanism?
By using HTTP to access an ISAPI DLL file, sscesa10.dll, located at the URL of your choice. It is this DLL that actually makes the connection to SQL Server and transfers the data from SQL Server CE to SQL Server.
The primary benefits of RDA over merge replication is what?
It has a smaller footprint on the device and is somewhat faster due to reduced functionality and tracking.
When moving data from SQL Server CE to SQL Server, you must rely on what?
Manipulating the data in a SQL Server CE database is simple because it requires the use of only one programming component. What are the two possiblities?
Either a COM object (ADOCE) or an API (OLEDBCE). These components match up with their desktop counterparts, ADO and OLE DB.
The transfer of data between SQL Server and SQL Server CE, involves what?
The participating database engines and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
What is the benefit of the HTTP protocol
IT is accessible from almost anywhere in the world.AND with a minimum of effort, access can be provided in a way that is compatible with most firewalls.
Since there's no drive-based storage, Windows CE supports a storage area called what?
the object store
The network protocol used for Windows CE is what?
The object store contains three parts what are they?
A file system, a registry, and Windows CE databases
To take advantage of object store compression (despite the performance degradation), a Windows CE database must be stored as a what?
a mounted database
The disadvantage of RDA over merge replication is what?
It provides little support for handling conflicts.
One thing worth noting about Windows CE databases is that they can be stored in two ways what are they?
mounted in the object store or unmounted.
The advantage of merge replication over RDA is what?
It allows for the establishment of database update rules, including rules for conflict resolution when synchronizing new data into an existing database.
A devise makes a connection to the server database through what?
What are the two connectivity options for SQL Server Ce to the network data source?
Remote Data Access (RDA) merge replication