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Documentation system used by PISD English teachers
Sentence that tells what the whole paper is about
Thesis Statement
Where should the thesis be placed in the paper?
Introduction and Conclusion
Taking any idea from another source without a reference
Titles of books, magazines, and journals should be what when written?
underlined or italicized
when is it appropriate to only mention a page number in an internal citation?
When the author's name is used in the sentence
the sentence that ells what a body paragraph is about
topic sentence
Titles of articles, short poems and editorials should be what when written?
summarizes main points and finishes the paper
Why should a writed avoid passive voice?
It is excessively wordy and is boring.
Why should a writed avoid using there?
It is vague and adds more words then necessary
What are the three kinds of transitions?
words, phrases, hooks
What does persuasive writting do?
tries to persuade reader
What does informative writing do?
tries to inform reader
how should quotations of more than four lines in length by noted ina research paper?
single spaced, and intented on either side
What must be inserted if a writer wants to omit part of a quote?
ellipse (...)
What was the time period and focus of ATTC?
French Revolution 1775 - 1793
Who were the English King and Queen in ATTC?
George III and Charlotte
Who were the French King and Queen in ATTC?
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
Name some static characters in ATTC
Lucy, Charles, Defarge, Stryver, Miss Pross, etc...
Name some dynamic characters in ATTC
Dr. Manette, Carton
Name some characters who made personal sacrifices in ATTC
Carton, Jerry Cruncher, Lucy, Manette
Name some major themes of ATTC
People's duty is to the people; Violence leads to more Violence; Goodness will triumph; Oppression leads to more Oppression
What is the climax of ATTC?
Charles returning from England to return to France
Why does Janie marry Logan in Eyes?
Her grandmother decides that Janie is old enough to be a wife and must have her married before she die
What event caused Janie to quit the marriage in Eyes?
Logan asking her to shovel the manure out.
Is Logan to blame for the marriage failure in Eyes?
No, if he wants a wife that will help him work, that's his choice. Just because Janie isn't the type of wife he wants doesn't mean it was Logan's fault.
What does Joe offer that convinces Janie to run off with him in Eyes?
he promises to treat Janie like a woman and give her everything she deserves.
What event causes Joe to close his life to Janie in eyes?
Janie talking back to him in the store.
In Eyes, what does the pear tree, the horizon, and the head rag symbolize?
pear tree - awakening sexuality; horizon - the future; head rag - oppression
Name the three verbals and give the form in which they are used.
participles (present or past) - adjective; gernund (ing) - nounds; infinite (to + verb) - nouns, adjectives, adverbs
comparison between to unlike things using like or as
comparison between to unlike things without using the word like or as
giving somethign that is not human humanistic characteristics
a phrase made up of two contradictory terms that usually don't make sense except in that context
talking to an inanimate object or something that doesn't speak back
a word that is pronounced like the way it sounds
a reference to somethign else
parallel structure
repetition of the way things are phrased to emphasize something
constant repetion of a consonant sound
constant repetion of a vowel sound
writing in a way that holds anticipation in a story
the way the writing makes the reader feel
the feeling of the word choice
A book title is doneted with
underline and italicize
an article or chapter title is denoted
List some themes in Eyes
Love and relation vs. independence; Power/wealth don't guarentee happiness; oppression; marriage and love don't guarantee each other
How has Joe changed since Janie met him in Eyes?
aged, possesive, strict
Where does the title occur in eyes? What is its significance?
when Janie and Tea Cake are in the hut thing; for the first time, things are out of their control
eyes - Whay does Janie decide to marry Tea Cake?
seems liek perfect life partner
Eyes - What does Tea Cake value?
friendship, love, loyalty, etc.
eyes - What obstacles do Janie and Tea Cake encounter in their marriage?
money problems, moving, weather, love with other people, racial remarks, etc.
Eyes - What event destroys the marriage between Tea Cake and Janie?
Tea Cake getting rabbies.
chance happenings
double entendre
double meaning
dramatic irony
audience knows what happened but characters do not
situational irongy
opposite of what happens and what is expected to happen
verbal irony
opposite is said than of what is meant
closely tied to supernatural beings
hinting at what is about to happen
play on words
when a character talks to him or herself and reveals his or her thoughts without anybody else knowing
Comic relief
a happy or comical point in story that is supposed to emphasize how bad things are
what is destined to happen
14 lined poem usually in iambic pentameter
blank verse
verse with unrhymed patterns, usually iambic pentameter
iambic pentameter
a line with ten sylables alternating accents
Who were the groundlings or pennystinkers?
the people who stood on the floor to look up and watch the play
What is the climax of RJ?
Romeo realizeing that he killed Tybalt
What is Romeo's tragic flaw in RJ?
his impulsiveness/rashness
RJ - Fortune's fool
RJ - Queen Mab
sleeping fairy
RJ - Man of Wax
RJ - Prince of Cats
What was the age that Dickens wrote in? Shakespeare?
Victorian - Elizabethian
Where was Shakespeare born?
Stratford on Avon
Where did Shakespeare move to?
What was the name of Shakespeare's theater?
Globe theater
What was Shakespeare's acting company first known as?
Lord Chamberlain's Men
What did the acting company change its name to?
King's men
What types of plays did Shakespeare write?
Histories, Comedies, Tragedies