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What 6 things happened in the Compromise of 1877
Hayes became the President. In exchange for the votes of the Democrats, he promised to remove federal troops from the South, provide land grants and loans for railroads in the South, gave Southern officials federal funds for improvement projects, accepted a Democrat into his cabinet. For this, Democrats had to promise to respect the rights of African Americans.
What happened in the fifteenth amendment?
All citizens cannot be stopped from voting on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
free men vote
Tell about the election of Grant to the president's office.
Grant became president in 1868, recieved many votes because of freedmen.
Ku Klux Klan
secret group who wanted to restore Democratic control of the south and keep former slaves powerless
Freedmen's School
set up to educate newly freed blacks, started by freedmens bureau, northern missionary groups, etc.
Impeachment of Johnson- who voted to impeach him and who tried him
House of Representatives voted to impeach him
Senate tried him
Tell about the impeachment of Johnson
Johnson had been fighting against many of Crongress's reform acts. Johnson disobeyed a law that he could not fire an yone without the senate's approval. They didn't inmpeach him, but his power was broken.
northerners that moved South after the war to take advantage of Southerners
Southerners that joined the reppublican party after the war, hated by wealthy southerners and considered traitors
Fourteenth amendment
All people born in the United States are citizens and have the same rights
Black Codes
limited freedom of former slaves- defined their rights
Margaret Fuller
wrote The Dial magazine and Women in the 19th Century, women's rights supporter
Republican =
Republican = north
democrat= south
led attack in middle of Union line at the battle of Gettysberg, many died
Grant captured this last major stronghold on the Mississippi river that opened up deep travel in the South, major component of the Anaconda plan because it split the South in half
William Tecumseh Sherman
waged total war in the deep south from atlanta to the atlantic coast
Total War Strategy
war against everything that supports the enemy
Appotomattox Courthouse
Lee and Grant met here to arrange surrender terms
Surrender Details (civil war)
Lee and Grant were involved, April 9, 1965, Appotomattox Courhouse, confederates can go home after laying down their arms, Grant gives food to hungry
Costs of War -- civil
bitter feelings
MANY died
great debt
Thirteenth amendment
Banned slavery in all of the United States
Lincoln's Assassination
Ford's Theatre
John Wilkes Booth
John Wilkes Booth
assassinated Lincoln
Consequences of the War
5 things
nationalism, gives federal goverment more power, helped Northern economy, industry grows, brings economic disaster to South
Gettysburg Address
Lincoln hopes the nation will be together again
the process the federal govermenet used to readmit confedrate states to the US
Freedman's Bureau
federal agency that seet up schools and hospitals for blacks and gave clothes and food, fuel in south
Andrew Johnsons
Lincoln's Vice President
insited new state govermnets ratify 13th amendment, accept supreme power of federal government
offered amensty to most white southerners
King Cotton
South hoped to win foreign support by withholding cotton from the market
no success
Anaconda Plan
a strategy by which teh union proposed to defeat the confederacy in the civil war designed to smother south's economy like anaconda
First Battle of Bull Run
led by Stonewall Jackson
Union tries to take Richmond and get through Bull Run
Confederate victory
Stonewall Jackson
got name at First Battle of Bull Run
Technology of War
rifle, minie ball, ironclads
Ulysses S Grant was whose general, where, one other important fact
Union general in the west, later tried to do away with the KKK
Battle of Shiloh
union victory
many casualties
fierce fighting
bloodiest day in American history
Union soldier found Lee's plans
McClellan suprised Lee, MANY die, Union victoryy but McClellan didn't pursue
Emancipation Proclamation
January 1, 1863
frees all salaves in confedaracy
what reiment of blacks joined the union army and fought without pay because they didnt want a lower salary than whites
54th massachusetts regiment
northern democrats in favor of peace with the south, opposed to lincoln
Dorthea Dix---civil war
nurse in Union hospitals
Clara Barton
founded Red Cross, woreked tto save soldiers on battlefield
death of stonewall jackson
confederate soldier shot him because he thought he was aunion soldier
pickets charge was the turning point
union won with many losses
Robert B. Taney
judge for Dred Scott v.Sanford
Lincoln Douglas Debate
lincoln challenges douglas for seat in Illinois senate, Lincoln is a republican, they debate over slavery, Douglas says popular soverignty is best, lincoln says slavery is dead wrong