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process of change/modification designed to
1. enhance performance
2. improve athlete's orientation
3. remove factors that may detract from performance
Intervention requires 2 things
1. specialized training
2. athlete's interest
ROLES involved in intervention
sports psychologist= fascilitator

athlete= agent
What can intervention help with?
1. well being (objective 3rd party)
2. coping
3. improvement
4. transition
forced= injuries
unforced= retirement
what are potential concerns with intervention
1. grandisement of self
2. ethical concerns
promote yourself through your client to get more clients
ETHICAL concerns
counselor- confidentiality; waved confidentiality (must determine if it is in the best interest of the athlete to talk to coach)
coach- coach's and admin put alot of pressure on counselor
Skilled Performance
pursuit of excellence in sport defined as complicated and disciplined process requiring 3 major elements
3 major elements
talent identification
talent development
talent actualization
talent development
deliberate meaningful practice
talent actualization
execution and performance of skills under pressure of high-level competition
skilled performance is enhanced by (3) things
1. strength of correct vs incorrect response
2. ability to remove/reduce competing responses that are inappropriate (ADJUSTMENT)
3. transfer of desireable responses from practice or non competitive environments to competitive situation (effort, skill, decision makin, etc)
What causes variablitiy in performance?
1. inappropriate attentional focus/distraction
2. stress- both external and internal (alot is self generated)
3. Over/under estimation of opponents
4. inappropriate cognitive chains
5. lack of skill resulting in inconsistency
When do you use intervention?
1st 4 factors of variablitiy