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What is Patella Alta?
High-riding patella
What is the largest sesamoid bone in the body?
The Patella
What is Jumper's Knee?
(Patella or quadriceps tendinitis) same as Osgood Schlatter's Disease.
What are the functions of the Patella?
Protect the knee joint; increase knee extension
What is Pesanserinus Tendinitis or Bursitis?
Inflammation of any of the pes anserine tendons or bursae resulting from a valgus stress and a weak vastus lateralis muscle often caused by running on a slope with one leg higher.
This cartilage reduces friction and covers all articular surfaces; described as pearly and smooth.
Hyaline Cartilage
What is the A-Angle?
angle that measures interior patella to tibial tuberosity
What are the 5 bursae in the knee?
Suprapatellar (largest in body)- above knee

Prepatellar- on knee cap.

superficial infrapatellar- housemaid's knee

deep infrapatellar- deep under patellar tendon

pes anserine- under the insertion of the muscles
What does the Anterior Drawer Test test?
The integrity of cruciate ligaments (ACL and PCL)
Describe Lateral Meniscus; Medial Meniscus.
O-shaped, Lateral aspect of the superior tibia to the popliteal tendon

C-shaped, Medially attaches to the tibia, posteriorly attaches to the semimembranosus muscle, deep fibers attach to the joint capsule.
What is Patellofemoral Arthralgia?
Pain and disability resulting from abnormal thickening of the patella within the femoral groove.
Name 3 fat pads.
Infrapatellar - largest

anterior/posterior suprapatella

What is Knee Plica?
Folding of tissue under the anterior lateral patella that causes pain.
What are the 3 primary nerves of the knee?
Tibial nerve

Common peroneal nerve

What is Larsen-Johansson Disease?
Same as Osgood Schlatter's but it occurs at the inferior patella.
What is the longest bone in the body? (forms a hollow surface for the patella)
What is chrondromalacia?
The degeneration of the articular cartilage of the patella.
Where does the patella lie?
Within the tendon of the quadriceps muscle
What does the McMurray Test test?
For the meniscus
What are the primary arteries in the knee?
Popliteal- stems from femoral

Femoral- splits into popliteal and anterior tibialis

Anterior tibialis
What is Osteochondritis Dissecans?
Partial or complete separtation of the articular cartilage from the bone.
What is Illiotibial band Tendonitis?
Inflammation of the IT band resulting from varus stress on the knee.
What is a joint capsule?
A synovial membrane that surrounds the joint
What is joint mice?
Chips of cartilage loose within a joint that causes clicking or locking of the knee.
What does avascular mean?
No blood or blood supply
What is Varus?
Lateral stress
What are the 3 bones in the knee?
Femur, Tibia, Patella
What is Rotary Instability?
Excessive rotation of the Tibial plateau relative to the femoral condyles.
What is Patella Infra?
Low-riding patella
What is Menisci (Meniscus)?
2 oval-shaped pieces of cartilage that deepens the tiba socket and acts as shock absorbers.
What are the 3 articulations in the knee?
2 Femoral condyles with the menisci; tibia with the menisci; patella with the femur
What does the Lachman Drawer Test test?
For the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
What is the Q-Angle?
Angle made from two lines. First line is made by drawing a line from the center of the patella to the anterior superior ilica spine (ASIS); Second line made from tibial tuberosity to the center of the patella.
What is the screw-hole or Pivot-shift test?
Test for the anterior lateral stability of the knee and the integrity of the ACL.
What is bipartite patella?
When the patella is in 2 parts.
What is Hemarthrosis?
When there is blood in the joint cavity.
What is Valgus?
Medial Stess
What is Straight-Instability?
Laxity in a single direction
What is Osgood Schlatter's Disease?
Diease usually in adolescent boys when stress to tibial tuberosity from patellar tendon attaches causing avulsions (more bone is layed down there)