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nephrotic syndrome in remission, sports restrictions
% of total water is insensible loss
1/3 of maintenance.
increase in insensible losses by degree of fever
12% per degree over 38
amount of sodium in sweat
very little. Sweat is hypotonic
mild cardiomegaly in long-distance runners. sports restrictions
grade 1 concussion: def and restrictions
confusion without amnesia or LOC, 20 minute observation. Can go back if no amnesia or postconcussive sx.
grade 2 concussion
confusion with amnesia, no LOC. 1 full week off. examined often that day and the next.
grade 3 concussion
LOC. go to hospital for full eval. No practice for 2 weeks symptom free.
anabolic steroids, SE
(usually testosterone derivatives), virilizaing, feminizaing, toxic. Toxic: renal, hepatic, psycho.
Virilization: hirsutism, low voice, accelerated maturation (closes growth plates early)
Feminizing: gynecomastia
violent behavior.acne,
inversion ankle sprain ligaments
ant. talofibular, calcaneofibular, post talofibular
weight loss in wrestlers should not exceed
3lbs / wk or 1.5% body weight/wk
single testicle, sports req
cup for all sports.
seizures, sports
OK if well controlled. Swimming sports have special concern. If no sz in past 6 mo, probably OK.
what to do if cardiac red-flags on sports eval
refer to cardiologist to clear.
Downs S, neck
AAP: no lat neck routinely. image for neuro sx.
Special Olympics: lat neck prior to participation.
femur fracture or contusion, blood loss
1L, can cause hemodynamic instability, just from bleed into thigh.
Heat edema
swelling in dependent areas from VD and pooling in response to heat.
heat cramps
most common in gastroc, occurs in arms and legs.
heat exhaustion
extreme weakness, exhaustion, headache, dizzyness. core temp 38-40. Dehydrated
heat stroke
rare in kids. Temp > 40, mental status change, DIC, rhabdom, ARF, lactic acidosis, sz, all from cytokine release