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What are two meanings for the Greek word kathairei?
chopping off and pruning

to cleanse
What is the common idea in the words translated "fill"?
What is the basic meaning of the term teleios and what is the idea?
being complete

attaining the end for which something/someone was intended
What do we call "that system organized by Satan which seeks to operate upon its own resources, its own power, its own wisdom, apart from God?"
the World
What does "elegmon" mean by expanded definition?
it places the dispute of the truth in such a clear light the opponent can see his error
What term describes the common denominator between different kinds of death?
What do we call "the realm of God's rule?
the Kingdom of God
When was the inauguration of the promise of the Spirit?
What were the two component parts that determine the rate of maturity and what is the other component factor?


In I John 1:5-2:2 what key phrase is repeated that divides the passage into three segments?
If we say...
What are the two basic interpretations of the "Baptism of the Spirt"?
receive power

for the remission of sin
What does being "led by the Spirit" mean according to Gal. 5:18 and Rom. 8:14?
Not under the law but following the Holy Spirit into paths of righteousness
What three laws are referred to in Rom. 8:1-4?
law of the Spirit

law of sin

law of death
What is the spiritual meaning of the term "adoption"?
Son Placing
Name four different kinds of spiritual fruit?



Long suffering
What are two different meanings for the Greek word airo?
to take away

to lift up
What are the three characterist of the young men spiritually in I John 2:14?
Word abides in them

they are strong and able to stand

thye can overcome the wicked one
What is the characteristic of the mature man in Heb. 5:14?
Reckoned, cleansed and a yielded life to the Spirit
"The desire to go beyond the bounds of legitimate needs and longings" is termed what?
"The desire to go beyond legitimate needs and longings" is termed what?
Spiritually, what was the definition given in the notes for the "flesh"?
the body under control of the old sin nature
What is the desired result in John 15:1-8 and what is the means of producing it (John 15:4,5)?
Bear Fruit

Abide in Him
What is the term in Eph. 1:14 and another in Rom. 8:23 that would indicate the Holy Spirit is doing a work of healing in the body today before the day of redemption?

First Fruits
What did the author of Hebrews want to teach these believers about, but couldn't because they were spiritual babes (a name)?
Mark of Maturity