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What are the steps in the continuum of Services?
Full Inclusion
Resource Room
Self Contained
Alternative Programs
Center Based Programs
Residential Programs
What is the Referral Process for Special Education?
1. Observation by teacher
2. Consulting with parents
3. pre-referral interventions
4. Observation by specialists
5. Vision/hearing screening
6. referral
7. psychological testing
8. achievement testing
9. observations by specialists
10. IEP meeting
11. IEP goals and objectives
12. Special Services Support
What is ADA?
Bars discrimination for adults
What is 504?
Bars discrimination for students
What is IDEA?
Provisions for children 3-21 with identified disabilities.
What is PL 94-142
First Law for spec. ed
What is PL 99-457
Provision for children 0-5 with identified disabilities.
What are the dey features of 97 reauthorization?
P: parents/student involvement needs to be emphasized
P: Procedural due process is avail and discussed (must give to parents)
L: LRE means home school and peers to the extent appropriate
A: Free and appropriate public education
N: Non discriminatory evaluations used for eligibility
Z: Zero reject- no student excluded due to disability
D: Discipline requires manifestation determination, FBA, BIP