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the intermittent, learned, & active process of giving attention to aural stimuli
listening is intermittent..
not a continuous activity, occurs from time 2 time when we 2 focus and respond 2 stimuli around us
listening is a learned skill..
must b taught and learned
listening is active...
requires you to concentrate interpret and respond/be involved
listening implies using the message recieved...
listen 2 gain new info, learn new uses for innfo, discover arguments 4 beliefe or actions, laugh/b entertained
process of decoding the message
must consider message content and context
process of judging the reliability of the speaker & quality/consistency of the speakers info
guidlines 2 promote better listening?
1.desire 2 listen
2.focus on the message
3.listen for main ideas
4.understand speakers point of view
5.withhold judgment
6.reinforce the message
7.provide feedback
8.listen w/ body
9.listen critically
guidlines 4 critiquing speeches?
1.begin w/ positive statement key areas 4 improvement
3.organize comments specific honest but tactful
6.personalize comments
7.reinforce positive
8.problem-solve negative
9.provide speaker w/ plan of action
10.end w/ positive statement
feedback offered 4 improving a speakers speech
critics opinions about relative merits of a speech
statements that justify critics statement
values of critics believes necessary 2 make ne speech good, effective, desireable
4 types of delivery
impromptu, memory, manuscript, extemporaneously