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Nonverbal messages carry over _____ times the weight of verbal messages
_______ space is far moe likely to be intruded on by others. ____are approached more closely than men by both women and men.
Robin Lakoff, "women's language" is characterizedc by certain patterns"
statements that end in questions, using words like "kind of" or "I guess" and "empty adjectives"- divine or lovely.
__ is the social meanings we attach to sex
Young boys...
boast, demand, prolong conflict
You girls...
talk to liked, make request, creat harmony
independent, talk to establish status, share facts and figures
intimacy, connect emotionally, express feelings
Resolvers, externally
relaters, internally
In the work place women promote ___ while men promote _____
equality...pecking order
Who uses more words and makes more request
women ask questions for what two reason
information gathering and cultivating relationship
EROS are
passionate love, high level of initial commitment, very high levels of sexuality, might beel like you are living on the edge, feel the separation when apart. ex: Titantic
love is consider a game, no commitment, very manipulative, person out to get "waht they want. ex: Cruel Intentions
love is friendship, very stable and sedy, very realist about sexuality. Ex: The Notebook
love is practical, meets family needs, rational, tends to focus more on parenting. Ex: Gone with the Wind
very possessive love, mood sweings, low self esteem, lots of attention
love is linked to altrusim or doing something for someone else. no causal sexuality or sensation seeks, living life ofr partner.
Interpersonal attract: good people skills, life of the party
social attraction
Interpersonal attraction: we are attracted to someone who can perform certain tasks wells
task atttraction
Interpersonal attraction: attracted to people who bring out the best in us
interpersonal attraction: how they truly are
interpersoanl attraction: same beliefs
interpersonal attraction: have different hobbies and interesst
Characteristics of Intimate Relationship
interaction increases, personal knowledge of otehr person, prediction levels goes up, increased investment, We starts to develops, separate intersts linked together for the relationship
separate but equal tensions that couples must attempt to balance in their relationships
Dialectical Tension
Intimacy Feras
being exposed, losing yourself, being betrayed, power unbalanced, being misinterpreted
Autonomy vs Togetherness...
couples truggle with the balance of wanted a relationship but wanted the benefits of maintaining their won individuality
Honesty vs express.
honesty and truth very important. however, there are times wher eyou feel the need to protect your parenter from things that may hurt them
Novelty vs. predictability
we love this excitement but at the same time we want stability and routine to your relationship
Interpersonal coming together...5 stages
initiating- saying hello
experimenting- trying to understand the other person' verbal and on-verbal
Intensificaiton- thing heat up--nick names start to emerge
integrating the coupel starts to function as one.
bonding- some form of public achnowledgemtn that you are a couple
Relationsal Dissoultion... 5 stages
differentiation- coulpes are aware of differences. individuality is stressed over the togetherness.
circumscribing- couples begin to avolid talking baout certain topics due to the frustration.
stagnating= relationship not moving. only safe topics
avoidance= couples began to physically avoid eachother
termination- couple end. they have to talk more here for closure
an expressed struggle between at least wo interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resource and interference from each other in achieving their goals
conflict management
conflict is not about fighitn but about the ________ people ahve
different goals
Five ways in which most peopole choose to handle conflict
Avioid- ignore
Accommodating- go along iwth the other person
Compete- out to win
Compromise- each person gives in
Colloborate- throw away goals come up with new one together
Conflict goals (4)
content goals- money
Relational goals- how peole feel
identity goals- maintain your individuality
process goal- how to communicate with people
the excahgne of messages trough some channel of broad, films, documentaries
mass communication
the mass media can present information, opinions and ideas to a very large number of people
in all other forms of communication you can have feedback and can interact with others
lack of feedback
film, tv, books, magazines, more extensive internet pages have teams of peole doing unique specialization tasks in creating the message
more than one person creating the message or creafted message
all mass communicatoin geared for profit
commerical element
the theory that suggest the media may not tell us wwhat to think but they will tell us what a think about
agenda setting
media cultivates a reality for the audience. if people consume numerous amounts o fmedia messages they start to people it
cultivaiton theory
These are the people who actually controlt he flow of information that peole see
th eneed to keep up with what is going on
the need to find out the unknown
the need to seek escape from daily personal life
the need to creat and check a self concept against mediate images
personal identity
conflict management is distored in the media...three ways
always highlights conflict, unrealistic resoultion, conflict is very exaggerated
auiences assume that they have a relaitonship or at least know things about people in the meida beecause they see them on the big screen
para social intercation
Reality TV key conceps
confessional anf face savng.
Hawthorne effect- we act differently when we know we are bing watched.
ediitn gmaniputlation
created stereotypes
intercultural levels- reinforces stereotypes.
Reality TV is compared to a
game show
Cartoons are ___ taken seriosuly
Prime time animation: rooted sit com formula
"nuclear" family, all conflict resolve din an hour, some sor tof lesson learned
Prime time animation: working class or lower class
these familie all come from working class backgrounds.
they drink alot
Prime time animation: crude animation style
none of thse shows have "high class" animation. Major characters are drwan excessively overweight and grotesque looking
Prime tiem animation: subversive familiies and characters
all of thse shows ahve characters who have flaws int hem
Prime time animation: lack of narrative time
these character never age in normal time, helps to maintian "timeliness"
Prime time animation: crude vs. intelligent humore
these shows work because multipule lays of humor are aimed at the audience, double messages are called "polysemic" layers of meaning
Prime time animation: narrative format
most animation runs in repetion of cycles. these whos escape the "sisyphus" format (Greek myth about rolling a stone on top of a mountain only to repeat the cyle) rebirth elemtn
What show is
strong initial criticism
very texutallyl dense thus it reward smart views
strong feminist portayals
most "realisic"
Foucs- an examination of how culture affects the family
The Simpsons
What show
very low brow humor
studies show that views become educated thru the show
Focus- examination of the issues which impact society
South Park
What show
underground popularity
one has to be very popular culture savvy to appreicate most the show's humor
focus a satrical look the impact on popular culture has on society
Family Guy
What show
Ultimate class mockery
best expains the "emptyness" of post MTV generation
Beavis and Butthead
Componetns fo Postmodernism
imapct of technology
face to face contact has declined, people can always be reached, more concerned with quick messages, technology doesn't always work, hard to keep up with
technology vs. communication
technology allow for information on everything to be explained to use, everyone has a perspective and some how everyone is right. every view of reality is challenged. very little is sacred anymore
View speech marking as a positve experienec,e analyze the audience, focus on yoru message, strong vocals
communciaotn apprehension
"Individuals and collecive actions designed to indenitfy and address issues of public concern
Civil Engagement
Effective messages are
credible, clear and concise
Ethos is
competence of character
Logos is
logical arguments
pathos is
emotional appeal
Persuasive speaking: Illustrates the flaws of the opposing arguments
Persuasive speaking: leads the audience to agree with that one of two or more alernative is better
comparative advantage
persuasive speaking: invites the audience to agree with your psoitinon which offers upur positon and encourage mutual understanding
persuasive speaking: tries to convince the audienc ethere there is indeed a problem
persuasive speaking: the goal is to move move the audience ot action
Persuaders identify a series of symptoms or signs and then try to conclude someting from them
arguments from sign
connecgts effect with certain sets of causes
arugemtn from causality
comparing two things. a specific example to reatle to a abstract concept
argument from analogy
connects conclusion to specific causes
argumetn from generalization
after examing a number of specific causes a general conflusion is made
beginnign with genreal conclusion then moves to specific cases.