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Let's say you're going to a party - any party - in two days, and you still haven't decided on a gift. Out of the millions of births, thousands of weddings, and hundreds of graduations, who could afford gifts for every party for every "big occasion"? Well, you don't have to worry about cost anymore, because with my plan, you can shop on a budget. Once you realize you don't have to spend a great deal of money on one item, you can suddenly afford gifts for all the millions of births, weddings, and graduations.
The most important tip is to use a gift bag instead of wrapping paper. Only buy what can fit into the bag, and if it doesn't fit -- don't buy it. This also saves money, since larger items tend to be more expensive.
The bag could have items worth zero dollars if it's handmade, all the way to twenty dollars for a DVD or book. Everyone has their own idea of inexpensive, but my idea of inexpensive is under twenty dollars, compared to something that's one hundred dollars or more.
Look in a stationary store, past the rows and rows of Hallmark cards, for a medium or large gift bag. This is so you can fill it with many items, rather than one haphazardly wrapped item.
This also makes the gift seem more expensive, since there are so many small gifts. It can be any color you want, but you should find a bag that looks like gold or silver, which make the gift look exquisite. You want to flatter the person, and make them think you spent your lifetime looking for this gift.
Put some pieces of Lindt truffles, Godiva chocolates, or Hershey's Kisses in the bag. This creates the illusion of receiving even more. Also, put small, thin pieces of shredded construction paper or wrapping paper into the bag. The bag will look more congested, which pleases the recipient. You should put a selection of chocolate, for example, white, milk, and dark, so the person doesn't get tired of thirty pieces of milk chocolate.
Shop for the occasion. If someone's son is turning two years old, now is not the time to buy him a Sony PSP. Buy a two year old a teddy bear or the brand new Wiggles tape -- he will enjoy it much more. Save your money for when he gets older. The same thing goes for when you shop for a teenager. Don't buy her a dolly or Barbie. Your best bet is to buy her a gift card so she could shop where she wants to.
If the bag is for a young girl, add in small items like a small bath set, some lip gloss, a CD of her favorite band, and some inexpensive jewelery. When you buy a bath set or lotion of some sort, smell it before buying it. If you can't stand the odor, most likely the receiver will not, either. Don't buy jewelery that's too big, loud, and gaudy. Keep it simple - a nice chain and a pendant will do just fine.
If the bag is for a young boy, add in small items like a few toy cars, some candy, a small pack of playing cards, and a small pack of baseball cards. Buying for either a girl or boy is tricky, especially if they're extremely young. Watch out for small parts that could be swallowed. If it's smaller than your thumb, it can be swallowed.
For a best friend, make a photo album filled with the friend's memories. Include photos, saved invitations, artwork, anything to make the gift seem nostalgic. This especially works when you've been friends since childhood. Dig up an old video from your vault of you and your friend going to the beach, playing baseball, watching baseball, whatever. The younger you are, the cuter it is.
Don't be afraid to be embarrassed. If there's a video of you tripping on your shoelaces and your friend laughing at you, add that. You'll remember the good times and the bad, and you'll laugh about all your memories. Well, most, anyway.
For a high school graduate, make a bag with collegiate items such as notebooks, pens, pencils, and highlighters. Don't buy textbooks, because he might not know what he needs yet. Also, textbooks won't fit into a gift bag. Instead, give a gift card to Barnes and Noble to buy his textbooks.
A pre-paid phone card can also be of use to the graduate, to make sure he always calls home. However, if the student does not have a cell phone yet, omit the last idea. Buy him a phone later on, when you have some extra cash.
For any age, give jewelry. It does not have to be expensive; in fact, there are usually clearance sales in most department stores that you could buy very expensive jewelery for very little money. A sparkling pair of earrings for a young lady, or a golden watch for a young man, make lovely gifts. These gifts are practical, because the owner could use it anytime, and they are also extremely stylish.
Jewelery is also a fantastic conversation starter. People ask you, "Where'd you get your watch?" or "I love your necklace." It makes the person feel good to say, "Oh, well, it was a gift from my [so and so]." And also, who doesn't like something shiny and sparkling? The gift receiver doesn't have to know you didn't pay full price for the item, and it makes them feel special that you really care about them.
When all else fails, make something yourself. It makes the person feel like you really care about them. Making a card is the easiest gift in the history of gift-making. Fold a piece of paper in half, long-ways, and decorate the front of the card.
Open the card, and put a greeting, message, and salutation inside. You may also decorate the inside of the card to make it more special and personal.
Fill the bag as much as you can with these items. Like stated before, the more you put into the bag, the happier the honoree will be.