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How many would like to be jazz band? computer club? debate team? Mabye sports? 4-H? all just few extra-curric. activ. that available 4 you. Show ppl DO have TEAM SPIRIT? Great of leader you CAN be.
intro continue
Persuade you to join in on Extra-cirric. activ. Topics I plan to cover are, team spirit, belongingness, personal pride, honesty, and leadership development. These are results being a part of extra-curric. activ.
team spirit
Being in activity that is outside of school or that takes part out of busy lives shows people that you have “Team Spirit”. Playing sports or school band or even debate team builds a basis for real success in a competitive economic society.
Teenagers also get sense Belongingness being in extra-curric. activ.
*Being with group of people have things in common with makes you feel special. all are going for same goals, and learn to work w/others.
Then there is feeling Pride. After feeling u belong, you feel a sense of
*personal gratification being a member of a group.
* start to feel more important being involved w/ sumthing bigger than sitting around
Out of all qualities gained participating extra activities most important is HONESTY.
* serves as a foundation for real success more than other personal quality.
*person who is dishonest can never be trusted with GOALS. involved with extra- curric. activ., we are taught be more honest and open about things.
Lastly being part of such exciting activities help build LEADERSHIP.
*Studies show being involved with an activity will help step up make important decisions.
*motivate yourself and others in school and out.
lots of things that you can join.
*Sports, FFA, Clubs (drama, Spanish etc.), dance.
*Anything you are interested in, most likely find.
*If you care about your future this is best thing you can do. *gives you a more rounded life and open the doors to your future.
conclusion continue
just talked to you about the results in joining in on extra-curric. activ.
* team spirit, belongingness, personal pride, honesty, and leadership development.
*Hurry join exciting extra-curric activ. today!