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Focuses on the relationship between behavior and the body's physical systems.
biological psychology
Investigates mental processes, including reasoning and thinking, problem solving, memory, perception, mental imagery, and language.
cognitive psychology
Term traditionally used to describe research focused on such basic topics as sensory processes, principles of learning, emotion, and motivation.
experimental psychology
Studies the physical, social, and psychological changes that occur at different ages and stages of the lifespan, from conception to old age.
developmental psychology
Explores how people are affected by their social environments, including how people think about and influence others.
social psychology
Examines individual differences and the characteristics that make each person unique, inculding how those characteristics developed.
personality psychology
Focuses on the role of psychological factors in the development, prevention, and treatment of illness.
health psychology
Studies how people of all ages learn.
educational psychology
Focuses on designing programs that promote the intellectual, social, and emotional development of children, including children with special needs.
school psychology
Concerned with the relationship between people and work.
Industrial/organizational psychology
Studies the causes, treatment, and prevention of different types of psychological disorders, such as anxiety or depression, eating disorders, and chronic substance abuse.
clinical psychology