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predictors of morbidity preop
exercise tolerance
ASA class
age at which reserves are max
determinants of aging and longevity
metabolic capacity
stress response
lifestyle choices
decline in fx due to aging
1% per year after age 30
age related changes
inc in body fat
dec in blood volume
loss of protective reflexes
dec ability to maint body heat
dec lean body mass
dec skin elasticity
collagen loss
dec intracellular water
CV changes due to aging
decreased diastolic fx.
leads to LVH and then CHF.
widened pulse pressure
circulation time (inc/dec)
inc. leads to extended time of drug circ
myocardial fibers ?
atrophy with age
effects on BP

increased PVR
adrenergic receptors
dec beta adrenergic responsiveness. endogenous beta blockade-dec in BP and HR
creatinine clearance-men
(140-age) x body wt/(72xserum creatinine)
creatinine clearance-women
.85 of value