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What is the side ratio for an isoceles right triangle?
1:1:square root of 2
(sq. root of 2 is across from the right angle)
What is the side ratio for a 30-60-90 right triangle?
1 (across from 30^), sq. root of 3 (across from 60^) and 2 (across from 90^)
Special right triangle ratios, 3-4-5 and?
Is 1 a prime number?
What is the lowest, only even prime number?
Formula for rate?
Quantity A/Quantity B
Formula for % increase?
new amt-original amt/original amt x 100
Circumference of a circle?
c=2(pi)r or (pi)d
x^a/x^b =?
x^a * x^b=?
How do you use the AVERAGE to find the SUM?
Sum = (Average) * (Number of Terms)
Area of a circle=?
Circumference of a circle?
=2(pi)r or (pi)d
Reduce the square root of 75
sq.rt of 25 * square root of 3
=5*sqrt.of 3
What does "inclusive" mean when finding a median?
Inclusive means to go ahead and "include" the numbers on the ends.