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what is the smooth muscle around the pupil?
the iris
what is the sclera?
outer most connective tissue around the eye
where are there many nutrient arteries for the eye found?
in the choroid
what is the neural cell layer in the back of the eye?
the retina
what is a continuation of the cholera that bends light rays?
where does most refraction in the eye occur
in the lens
what shapes the lens of the eye?
the ciliary body
what chamber of the eye is anterior?
the aqueous space
what chamber of the eye is posterior?
the vitreous space
what is the connective tissue associated with the inner eyelid
the conjunctiva
where do sound waves first enter the ear?
the external acoustic meatus
what are the ossicle bones of the inner ear?
the malleus (hammer)
incus (anvil)
stapes (stirrup)
what is the inner tube that carries the sound waves to the inner ear?
the eustachian tube
where is the oval window found?
on the cochlea
what is found in the oval window?
the foot plate of the stapes (stirrup)
the fluid within the cochlea cause the ______ to produce electrical impulses
hair cells
which vestibular portion of the inner ear contains cells that detect horizontal linear acceleration?
which vestibular structure of the inner ear senses verticle linear acceleration?
the saccule
what vestibular structures sense rotation of the head?
the semicircular canals
what is an ampulla?
the base of the semiciruclar canals
what CN senses touch on the tongue?
CN V3 (mandibular nerve)
what CN sense taste on the anterior 2/3 of the tongue? which the post. 1/3?
CN VII (facial)
CN IX (glossopharyngeal)
what CN senses taste on the pharynx and the epiglottis?
CN X (Vagus)
What CN innervates all muscles of the tongue?
CN XII hypoglossal nerve