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Autism definition:
developmental disablility, generally evident before 3- significantly affects communication, behavior, and social interaction- adversaley affects educational performance
Delayed Language and echolia are characteristics of ______ ______
language development
delays in social interactions and skills are characteristics of _______ _______
social development
Obsessions,tics, perservation are charateristics of ______ _______
repetitive behavior
self injuries and aggression are characteristics of _______ ________
problem behavior
schedules/routines and strategies for accepting change are characteristics of ______ _______
environmental predictability
autistic disorder and asperger syndrome are examples of ______ ________
intellectual functioning
hearing, vision, touch or rocking and spinning are characteristics of _______ & ________ _________
sensory and movement disorders
_____ is a form of communication in which they echo other peoples language
individuals with autism dont understand that their own beliefs, desires, and intentions may differ from others is called ____ __ ____
theory of mind
______ are persistant thoughts, impulses, or images of a repetitive nature.
________ includes verbalization or behaviors that are repeated to an inappropriate extent
______ _____ is when students display extraordinary abilities in certain areas
savant syndrome
_______ ________ ________seeks to create responsive environments that are personally tailored to the prefernces, strengths, and needs of students who have behavior problems
positive behavior support