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When a disaster happens in the world, I feel ...
What I like best about my friend
A time my suggestion helped someone
A time I should have kept my mouth shut
People of the world should worry about
My perfect world will be..
A time I was punished unfairly
A time I was influenced to do something and got into trouble
Something that will make my future exciting
Something I learnt how to do myself
A time I cooperated with someone
A time I let my anger get out of control
Cooking vocabulary
Do's and Don'ts for getting along with people
Soemthing I learnt how to do myself
Something my friend does that is weird
Something I can do this year to make the future better
Something that I know this year thatI didn't know about a year ago
What I can do or am doing to meet future goals
What I do to make others feel good (bad)
The worst thing in all the world is .....
The worst thing I ever did to someone
Things I do to get along with people
To be what I want to be I must...
A worry I have about growing up
The best time of the day is .....
GOod manners
How could I change what I don't like about me
How I helped someone overcome fears about the future
How do i show someone I don't like the way they're acting