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(n.) bitterness, discord

Though they vowed that no girl would ever come between them, Biff and Trevor could not keep -acrimony- from overwhelming their friendship after they both fell in love with the lovely Teresa.

(n.) keen insight

Because of his mathematical -acumen-, Larry was able to figure out in minutes problems that took other students hours.

(n.) eagerness, speed

For some reason, Chuck loved to help his mother whenever he could, so when his mother asked him to set the table, he did so with -alacrity-.

(n.) a cursed, detested person

I never want to see that murderer. He is an -anathema- to me.

(n.) a strong dislike, repugnance

I know you love me, but because you are a liar and a thief, I feel nothing but
-antipathy- toward you.

(n.) praise

The crowd welcomed the heroes with

(n.; v.) - a loud, noisy, or scolding speech; a tirade

If the coach let out with fewer depressing -harangues- and more motivational speeches, maybe the kids would play better.

(a-spur'-zhun; -shun)
(n.) an unfavorable, damaging, defamatory, or slanderous remark

The rival politicians repeatedly cast
-aspersions- on each others’ integrity.

(n.) impudence, nerve, insolence

When I told my aunt that she was boring, my mother scolded me for my
(n.) a gift or blessing

The good weather has been a -boon- for many businesses located near the beach.

1. verb (buff'-it)

2. nown (ba-fay'; byU'-fay)
1. (v.) to strike with force (The strong winds -buffeted- the ships, threatening to capsize them.)
2. (n.) an arrangement of food set out on a table (Rather than sitting around a table, the guests took food from our
-buffet- and ate standing up.)

(n.) one who attacks common beliefs or institutions

She's more of a casual -iconoclast- than a true activist with a progressive agenda.

(but' ris)
1. (v.) to support, hold up
(The column -buttresses- the roof above the statue.)

2. (n.) something that offers support (The -buttress- supports the roof above the statues.)

(n.) a distinctly disharmonious set of sounds; a discordant noise

The elementary school orchestra created a such -cacophony- at the recital that even some of the parents had to hold their ears.

(n.) an attempt to spoil someone else’s reputation by spreading lies

The incumbent's -calumny- ruined his opponent’s chances of winning the election.

(n.) show of mercy, a lienient act, mildness of weather

After he forgot their anniversary, Martin could only beg Maria for

(n.) a great destructive fire

The -conflagration- consumed the entire building.

(n.) a puzzlingly difficult, often paradoxical problem

Interpreting Jane’s behavior was a constant -conundrum- to everyone.

(kri-dool'a-tee; -dyU'- )
(n.) a tendency to believe too readily

His -credulity- made him an easy target for con men.


rhymes with "stupidity"
(n.) greed, excessive desire

His -cupidity- made him enter the abandoned gold mine despite the obvious dangers.

(n.) an upstart; A person who has suddenly risen to a higher social and economic class and has not yet gained social acceptance by that class.

Though obviously smart, he was seen as a meer -parvenu- and none the social elete would listen.

(n.) a lenthy, bitter/abusive criticism

She finally stopped trying to learn because every simple mistake would evoke a painful -diatribe- as to her uselessness.
machination (relates to Machiavelli)

(mack-i-nay'-shun; ma'ki-nay'-shun)
(n.) 1-The act of plotting; 2 -
A crafty scheme or cunning design for the accomplishment of a sinister end.

He was plotting his evil schemes again, one -machination- after another.

(n.) - a conversation or speech, typically lengthy

If we had had for a -discourse- on every aspect of the plan, it probably would not have failed at the end.

(n.) a group, especially an academic assembly; a group of eagles

Usually the year is started off with a solemn, but predictable, -convocation- extoling the virtues of our school and its graduates.

(rhymes with "wreck")
(n.) trash/junk, especially inferior merchandise

We give you enough allowance that your room needn't be fill with the -dreck- from every junk store in the mall.

(n.) brazen boldness; presumptuousness

When I told my aunt that she was boring, my mom scolded me for my -effrontery-.

(n.) wickedness or sin/sinfullness

"Your -iniquity-," said the priest, "will be forgiven, if you are truly sorry for your sinful actions."