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It's better to...for...
Es mejor que
Have you thought of?
Has pensando en?
It's not advisable that you...
No te conviene
Don't forget to
No te olvides de
It would be a good/bad idea
Seria buena/mala idea

(accent over first "i")
I suggest that
Sugiero que...
I advise you to...
Te aconsejo que
I recommend that you
Te recomiendo que
Thanks for inviting me, but i can't.
Gracias por invitarme, pero no puedo.
Let's do it tomorrow.
Hagamoslo manana.

(accent over second "a" in "Hagamoslo" and metilda over the first "n" in manana.)
I'm sorry, but i already have other plans...
Lo siento, pero ya tengo otros planes.
I don't feel like...
No tengo ganas de + infinitive
Why don't we leave it for (another time)?
Por que no lo dejamos para

(accent over "e" in "que")
I have a lot to do. Next time I'll go.
Tengo mucho que hacer. La proxima vez ire.

(accent over "o" in proxima and "e" in ire)