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acertar (e-ie)
to be on target, guess right
to be tight, squeeze
to go up, promote
to cross
to close
to begin
to confess
to defend
to go down
despertar(se) (e-ie)
to wake up
to begin
encender (e-ie)
to light
encerrar (e-ie)
to lock in, contain
entender (e-ie)
to understand
gobernar (e-ie)
to govern
helar (e-ie) (3rd person sing.)
to freeze
merender (e-ie)
to have an afternoon snack, have a picnic
nevar(e-ie) (3rd person sing.)
to snow
perder (e-ie)
to lose
quebrar (e-ie)
to break
recomendar (e-ie)
to recommend
sentar(se) (e-ie)
to seat, sit down
acordarse (o-ue)
to remember
acostar(se) (o-ue)
to put to bed, go to bed
almorzar (o-ue)
to eat lunch
conmover (o-ue)
to move (emotionally)
contar (o-ue)
to count, tell
costar (o-ue)
to cost
demostrar (o-ue)
to show
devolver (o-ue)
to return, give back
doler (o-ue)
to hurt, ache
encontrar (o-ue)
to find
envolver (o-ue)
to wrap up
jugar (u-ue)
to play
llover (o-ue) (3rd person sing.)
to rain
mostrar (o-ue)
to show or display
oler (o-hue)
to smell
probar(se) (o-ue)
to try taste or try on
recordar (o-ue)
to remember
soler (o-ue)
to be accostomed to
tronar (o-ue) (3rd person sing.)
to thunder
volar (o-ue)
to fly
advertir (e-ie)
to notify, warn
convertir (e-ie)
to convert
convertirse en (e-ie)
to become
divertirse (e-ie)
to have a good time
hervir (e-ie)
to boil
mentir (e-ie)
to lie
preferir (e-ie)
to prefer
referirse (a) (e-ie)
to refer (to)
sentirse (e-ie)
to feel
despedir (e-i)
to fire
despedirse (de) (e-i)
to say goodbye (to)
gemir (e-i)
to groan, moan
impedir (e-i)
to prevent
medir (e-i)
to measure
reír(se) (e-i)
to laugh
reñir (e-i)
to quarrel, scold
repetir (e-i)
to repeat, have a second helping
seguir (e-i) (sigo)
to follow, continue
servir (e-i)
to serve
sonreír(se) (e-i)
to smile
vestir(se) (e-i)
to dress
dormir (o-ue)
to sleep
morir(se) (o-ue)
to die
construir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to build
atribuir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to attribute
concluir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to conclude
cotribuir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to contribute
destruir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to destroy
distribuir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to distribute
huir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to flee
incluir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to include
influir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to influence
sustituir (y)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to substitute
guiar (í)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to guide
confiar (en) (í)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to rely (on), confide (in)
enviar (í)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to send
espiar (í)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to spy
esquiar (í)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to ski
fiarse (de) (í)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to trust
resfriarse (í)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to catch a cold
variar (í)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to vary
continuar (ú)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to continue
actuar (ú)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to act
graduarse (ú)(*nosotros, vosotros)
to graduate
escoger (escojo)
to choose
afligir (aflijo)
to afflict
coger (cojo)
to grab, catch
corregir (e-i) (corrijo)
to correct
dirigir (dirijo)
to direct
elegir (e-i) (elijo)
to choose, elect
encoger (encojo)
to shrink
exigir (exijo)
to demand
fingir (finjo)
to pretend
proteger (protejo)
to protect
recoger (rocojo)
to gather, pick up
distinguir (distingo)
to distinguish
exstinguir (extingo)
to extinguish
conseguir (e-i) (consigo)
to get, acquire
perseguir (e-i) (persigo)
to persue, persecute
proseguir (e-i) (prosigo)
to proceed
convencer (convenzo)
to convince
mecer (mezo)
to rock
cocer (o-ue) (cuezo)
to cook
ejercer (ejerzo)
to exercise
torcer (o-ue) (tuerzo)
to twist
vencer (venzo)
to conquer, overcome