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Ay caramba!
Oh my goodness
Ay, Dios mio!
oh my god
Be quiet (one person)
be quiet (more than one)
Dejame en paz! No me Molestes!
don't bother me
Largate! Vete!
get lost
Que chistoso!
how funny!
Que horror, barbaridad, malo!
how awful, horrible, terrible
Que lastima!
what a shame
Que lo pases bien!
have a nice time
Que tonteria, estupido!
how stupid!
Cierto? Verdad?
Como se dice____?
How do you say__?
De veras?
Mande? Como?
Que dijiste?
what did you say?
Que hay de nuevo?
whats new?
Que mas da?
What difference does it make?
Que pasa?
What's happening?
Que paso?
What happened?
Que quiere decir___?
What does ___ mean?
Que se yo?
How should I know?
Quien sabe?
Who knows?
Y que?
So what?
A ver.
Let's see
Adelante, pase
come in
Buen provecho
enjoy your meal
Buena suerte
good luck
Claro que no
of course not
Como no/Por supuesto
of course
Con permiso
excuse me
Creo que no
I don't think so
Creo que si
I think so
Cuanto me alegro
I'm so glad
Es un dia de estos
It's one of those days
Es una mentira
That's a lie
Es verdad
That's true
Eso es
That's it
Esta bien/vale
It's okay. That's okay.
Esta claro
It's clear
Estoy de acuerdo
I agree
Habla mas alto, por favor
Talk more loudly, please
Hablo en serio
I'm serious
Just imagine
Lo dicho dicho
I mean what I say
Lo siento
I'm sorry
Manos a la obra
Let's get to work
Me muero de hambre
I'm dying of hunger
Mi equivoque
I made a mistake
Mil gracias
Thanks a million
No entiendo
I don't understand
No es justo
It's not fair
No es para tanto
No big deal
No es posible
That's not possible
No es verdad
That's not true
No estoy seguro
I'm not sure
No hay problema
No problem
No hay remedio
Oh well
No lo creo
I don't believe it
No me digas
You don't say
No me importa
I don't care
No puedo mas
I can't take anymore
No puedo
I can't
No recuerdo
I don't remember
No se
I don't know
No te preocupes
Don't worry
Otra vez, por favor
Say that again, please
poor thing
Que dia mas bonito
what a nice day
que dia
what a day
se acabo
it's over, time's up
se me olvido
i forgot
tengo tanto que hacer
i have so much to do
todo lo que brilla no es oro
everything that glitters is not gold
trato hecho
it's a deal
let's go
ver es creer
seeing is believing