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comenzar (ie) a
to begin to
echarse a
to begin to
empezar (ie) a
to begin to
ponerse a
to begin to,
to set about
principiar a
to begin to
aprender a
to learn
enseñar a
to teach
acercarse a
to approach
apresurarser a
to hurry to
dirigirse a
to go toward
ir a
to go to
regresar a
to return to
salir a
to leave to
subir a
to go up
venir a
to come to
volver a (ue)
to return to
acertar (ie) a
to happen to
acostumbrarse a
to become used to
alcanzar a
to succeed in
(doing something)
asistir a
to attend
asomarse a
to appear at
aspirar a
to aspire to
atreverse a
to dare to
ayudar a
to help
condenar a
to condemn to
convidar a
to invite to
cuidar a
to take care of (person)
decidirse a
to decide to
dedicarse a
to devote oneself to
detenerse a
to pause to
disponerse a
to get ready to
exponerse a
to run the risk of
invitar a
to invite to
jugar (ue) a
to play (game)
negarse (ie) a
to refuse to
obligar a
to obligate to
oler (ue) a
to smell like
parecerse a
to resemble
querer (ie) a
to love
resignarse a
to reign oneself to
saber a
to taste like
ser aficionado(a) a
to be fond (a fan) of
someter a
to submit to
sonar a
to sound like
volver (ue) a + inf.
to (do something) again