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abalanzarse sobre
e.g. Me abalancE sobre mi adversario.
to pounce (on sth/sb)
e.g. I pounced on my opponent.
abalanzarse hacia
e.g. El publico se abalanzO hacia la puerta.
to rush (towards sth/sb)
e.g. The crowd rushed towards the door.
abandonar (vt)
1. to abandon (e.g. child/animal/project)
2. to leave (un lugar)
3. to desert
4. to quit (informAtica)
abandonar (vi)
1. to give up
2. to withdraw (deportes)
abanicar(se) (vt)
to fan (yourself)
ablandar(se) (vt/v pron)
e.g. El calor ablanda la manteca.
to soften
e.g. Heat softens butter.
abolir (vt)
to abolish
abollar (vt)
to dent
abonarse a
1. to subscribe to (sth)
2. to buy a season ticket for (sth)
abordar (vt)
1. to board (barco)
2. to approach (asunto, problema)
aborrecer (vt)
to detest (sth/doing sth)
abotonar (vt)
to button (sth up)
abrazar (vt)
to hug, to embrace
abrir (vt)
1. to open
2. to turn sth on (llave gas)
3. to bore (tunel)
4. to make (agujero, camino)
5. to open sth up (negocio)
abrir (vi)
e.g. Abran!
to open up
e.g. Open up!
1. e.g. De repente se abriO la puerta.
1. to open (vi)
e.g. Suddenly the door opened.
2. to crack (tierra)
abrochar(se) (vt)
e.g. Abrochate el saco.
1. to do sth up (for sb)
e.g. Do your coat up.
2. to fasten (broche, cinturon)
absorber (vt)
to absorb
abstenerse de
to abstain from (sth)
abuchear (vt)
to boo
aburrir (vt)
e.g. Espero no estar aburriEndote./Me aburre este programa.
1. to bore
e.g. I hope I'm not boring you./This program is boring.
to get bored
abusar (de) (vi)
e.g. DeclarO que abusaron de ella.
to abuse (sth/sb)
e.g. She claims to have been sexually abused.
acabar de (vi)
1. e.g. Acabaste de comer?
2. e.g. Acabo de verlo.
1. to finish
e.g. Have you finished eating?
2. to have just done sth
e.g. I've just seen him.
acabar (vt)
e.g. Todavia no acabE el articulo.
to finish
e.g. I haven't finished the article yet.
acabar (en/por) (vi)
e.g. Ese vaso acabarA por romperse.
to end up
e.g. That glass will end up broken.
acabar con (vi)
1. e.g. Vas a acabar conmigo.
2. e.g. acabar con injusticia
1. (con a) to be the death (of sb)
e.g. You'll be the death of me.
2. to put an end (to sth)
e.g. to put an end to injustice
e.g. Se nos acabO el cafe.
to run out (of sth)
e.g. We've run out of coffee.
acampar (vi)
to camp
acelerar (vt, vi)
to accelerate
aceptar (vt)
2. e.g. AceptO marcharse.
1. to accept (sth)
2. to agree (to do sth)
e.g. He agreed to leave.
acercar (vt)
2. e.g. Me acercaron a casa.
1. to bring (sth) closer (to sth/sb) (e.g. microfono)
2. (en vehiculo) to give sb a ride
e.g. They gave me a ride home.
acertar (vt)
to guess (sth)
acertar (en/con) (vi)
to get sth right
acerter (vi)
e.g. Hemos acertado al negarnos.
to be right (to do sth)
e.g. We were right to refuse.
acertar (a/en) (vi)
to hit (sth)
achatar (vt)/achartarse
to flatten/to get flattened
aclarar (vt)
1. to clarify (sth)
2. to lighten (color)
aclarar (vi)
to clear up (cielo)
aconsejar (vt)
to advise (sb to do sth)
acompaNar (vt)
1. to go with (sth/sb)
2. to accompany (sb on sth) (musica)
acordar (vt)
e.g. Acordamos volver a trabajo.
to agree (to do sth)
e.g. We agreed to return to work.
acordarse (de)
e.g. No me acuerdo de su nombre.
to remember
e.g. I can't remember his name.
acortar (vt)/acortarse
to shorten/to get shorter
estar acostado/a
to be lying down, to be in bed
acostar (vt)
e.g. Tuvimos que acostarlo.
to put (sb) to bed
e.g. We had to put him to bed.
1. e.g. Es hora de acostarse.
1. to go to bed
e.g. It's time for bed.
2. to lie down
estar acostumbrado/a a
to be used to (sth/sb/doing sth)
acostumbrarse (a)
e.g. Vas a tener que acostumbrarte a madrugar.
to get used to (sth/sb/doing sth)
e.g. You'll have to get used to getting up early.
actualizar (vt)
to update
actuar (vi)
1. to perform (artista)
2. (+ de) to act (as sth) (e.g. intermedario)
estar de acuerdo
e.g. Estoy de acuerdo con El.
to agree (with sb)
e.g. I agree with him.
ponerse de acuerdo
e.g. Se pusieron de acuerdo para ir juntos.
to agree (to do sth)
e.g. They agreed to go together.
to accumulate
acusar (vt)
1. to acuse (sb of sth/doing sth)
2. (Jur) to charge (sb with sth/doing sth)
3. to show signs of sth
1. to adapt (to sth)
2. to fit
adelantar (vt)
1. e.g. AdelantE un peOn.
1. to move sth forward
e.g. I moved a pawn forward
2. to bring sth forward (event/date/watch)
3. to acheive
to go forward
adelgazar (vi)
to lose weight
aderezar (vt)
1. to season (carne, pescado)
2. to dress (ensalada)
adivinar (vt)
to guess
administrar (vt)
1. to run, to manage (e.g. business)
2. to administer sth (to sb) (e.g. remedio, justicia)
to manage your money
admirar (vt)
1. to admire
2. to amaze
admitir (vt)
2. e.g. Admito que fue culpa mia.
1. to acept
2. to admit
e.g. I admit (that) it was my fault.
3. to admit sth/sb (to sth) (e.g. colegio)
adoptar (vt)
to adopt
adorar (vt)
to adore
adornar (vt)
to decorate, to adorn
adquirir (vt)
1. to acquire (e.g. wealth, fame)
adular (vt)
to flatter
advertir (vt)
e.g. Les advertI del peligro.
1. to warn sb (about/of sth)
e.g. I warned them about the danger.
afectar (vt)
e.g. El golpe le afectO al oIdo.
to affect
e.g. The blow affected his hearing.
1. to shave
2. to shave sth off (barba, bigote)
aferrarse a
to cling to sth/sb
afilar (vt)
to sharpen
afiliarse a
e.g. DecidI afiliarme al partido.
to join
e.g. I decided to join the party.
1. (vt) to loosen
1. (vi) to loosen
2. (vi) to come loose
estar afOnico
to have lost your voice
to lower (vt)
to bend down (vi)
agarrar (vt)
1. e.g. Me agarrO del brazo.
1. to grab
e.g. He grabbed me by the arm.
2. to hold
3. to catch
4. to take (calle)
5. to pick sth up (TV, Radio)
agarrarse a
e.g. Agarrate a mI.
to hold on (to sth/sb)
e.g. Hold on to me.
agitar (vt)
1. to shake (e.g. botella)
2. to wave (paNuelo, brazos)
3. to flap (alas)
agotar (vt)
2. Hemos agotado las existencias.
1. to exhaust (e.g. un tema)
2. to use sth up
e.g. We've used up all our supplies.
3. to wear sb out
1. to run out
2. to sell out
agrandar (vt)
to enlarge
to make sth worse/to get worse
agredir (vt)
to attack
agregar (vt)
to add sth (to sth)
ahorrar (vt, vi)
to save
ajustar (vt)
1. to adjust (e.g. television)
2. to tighten (e.g. a screw)
alabar (vt)
to praise sth/sb (for sth)
alardear de
to boast about/of (sth)
alargar (vt)
1. to extend
2. to lenthen
3. to prolong
4. to stretch sth out (estirar, brazo, mano)
1. to get longer (e.g. days)
2. to drag on (e.g. meeting)
alarmarse por
to be alarmed at (sth)
alborotar (vt)
1. to mess sth up
2. to stir sth up (e.g. la clase)
to get excited
alcanzar (vt)
3. e.g. A este paso no los vamos a alcanzar nunca.
1. to reach (e.g. an agreement)
2. to achieve (e.g. objectives)
3. e.g. At this rate we'll never catch up to them.
alcanzar (vi)
1. e.g. La comida no va a alcanzar para todos.
2. e.g. No alcanzo.
1. to be enough
e.g. There won't be enough food for everybody.
2. to reach
e.g. I can't reach.
alegar (vt)
1. e.g. Alegan que exitiO fraude.
2. e.g. AlegO motivos personales.
1. to claim
e.g. They're claiming that there was fraud.
2. to cite (razones, motivos)
e.g. He cited personal reasons.
alegrar (vt)
1. e.g. La carta me alegrO mucho.
2. e.g. Tratamos de alegrar a los ancianos.
1. to make sb happy
e.g. The letter made me very happy.
2. to cheer sb up
e.g. We tried to cheer the old people up.
3. to liven sth up (fiesta)
4. to brighten sth up (casa, lugar)
alegrarse de/por
e.g. Me alegro de saberlo.
e.g. Me alegro por ustedes.
to be pleased about sth/to do sth
e.g. I am pleased to hear it.
e.g. I'm delighted for you.
alejar (vt)
1. e.g. TenEs que alejarlo de la ventana.
2. e.g. El desacuerdo nos alejO de mis padres.
1. to move sth/sb away (from sth/sb)
e.g. You should move it away from the window.
2. to distance sth/sb (from sth/sb)
e.g. The disagreement distanced us from my parents.
tener alergia a algo
to be alergic to sth
alertar (vt)
to alert sb (to sth)
aliviar (vt)
to relieve (e.g. el dolor)
almacenar (vt)
to store
alojar (vt)
1. e.g. El hotel puede alojar a 200 personas.
2. e.g. Despues del incendio nos alojaron en un colegio.
1. to accommodate
e.g. The hotel can accommodate 200 people.
2. to put sb up
e.g. After the fire, they put us up in a school.
e.g. Nos alojamos en un hotel.
to stay
e.g. We stayed in a hotel.
alquilar (vt)
to rent, to rent out
alternar (vt, vi)
to alternate (vt, vi)
to socialize (con gente) (vi)