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I would not speak
Yo no hablaría
They would want
Ellos querrían
He would not have
Él no tendría
We would listen
She would arrive
Ella llegaría
I would not hear
Yo no oiría
He would ask
Él preguntaría
They would give
Ellos darían
You would walk
Usted andaría
We would give
She would listen
Ella escucharía
They would take
Ellos tomarían
It would be
They would see
Ellos verían
He would not have
Él no tendría
We would sleep
She would eat
Ella comería
He would have gone
Él habría ido
They would go
Ellos irían
She would not listen
Ella no escucharía
Would you go?
¿Iría usted?
She would not arrive
Ella no llegaría
They would have asked
Ellos habrían preguntado
I would travel
Yo viajaría
She would have been
Ella habría sido
She would learn
Ella aprendería
It would have made
Habría hecho
He would have thought
Él habría pensado
We wouldn't have put
No habríamos puesto
They would learn
Ellos aprenderían