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acabar por + inf.
acabar + ndo
finally, in the end, to end up
acabar con
finish with, put an end to, break with, finish off, break up with (novio/a)
acabar en
to end in
acabársele algo a alguien
to run out of
reach, catch up, succeed, manage, amount to, be enough- be sufficient, pass (hand to)
alcanzar a +inf
succeed, manage to do
andar con + noun
to be + adjective
mock, make fun of
fall down, fall
caérsele a alguien
to eat away (at)
stay up late
deber de + inf.
must (probability)
throw,toss, throw out, give off
echar mano a algo
reach for
echar la mano a
give a helping hand, lend a hand
echarse a perder
go bad, spoil (food)
echar a + inf.
to start + inf.
sacar ___ notas
to get ___ grades
faltarle algo a alguien
to be missing, lacking
hacerle falta a alguien
to need.
Le hacen falta - s/he needs them
habérselas con
have it out with, deal with
hacerlo pedazos
smash to pieces, break
become, get
ir sobre ruedas
to go smoothly
to risk, to be at stake
hacer juego(con)
to match
to retire
to get hurt, injured
llegar a saber
find out
llegar a ser
llegar a (+ inf.)
to reach (go so far as to__)
llegarle algo a alguien
to be enough
to carry, bring; to lead; to have;
llevar tiempo
to take time
llevar + gerund
to have been doing something
to be older, taller than, ahead of, etc.
llevar a cabo
carry out, accomplish, conclude
llevarse (con)
to take, to carry off; to get along (with)
to have a snack (afternoon snack)
meterse con
to pick on, annoy, tease
meterse en
to go into, get into; to get involved with, mixed up in
mirar por
look after, take care of, tend to
to think about, consider
mirar bien/mal
to like/dislike
oler a
to smell like
pasar de las (número)
to be more than (number)
pasar por alto
to omit, leave out, skip
pensar + inf.
to intend to
perdérsele a alguien
to lose
ponerse a + inf.
to begin to
ponerse + adj.
to become, to get ___
quedársele a alguien
to leave something behind
querer bien/mal
to like, be fond of
to break
salir bien/mal
to turn out well, go well
seguir + -ndo
still -ing, keep on -ing
servirse de
to use, utilize
tocarle a alguien
to be up to, be ones turn
tocar con
be situated next to
más vale/más vale que + sub.
had better, to be better
llevarle a alguien ___ años
to be older than someone by ___ years