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Fue y compro
He went and he bought
no lo nesesitaba
he didnt need it
estaba contento
he was happy
there was; there were
era grande
it was big
le gusto
he/she liked it
he/she said
he/she wanted
queria tener
she/he wanted to have
le dijo
he/she told him/her
he/she had
se lo probo
he/she tried
los juegos olimpicos
the olympic games
la carrera de cen mentros
the 100 meter dash
era muy activo
he was very active
necesitaba comer menos
he needed to eat less
se encrentaba tanto
he trained so much
corria todos los dias
he ran everyday
se ponia mas fuerte
he got stronger
la vantana pesos
he lifted weights
antes de decideirse
berfore deciding
iba a todas la fiestas
he would go to all the partys
salia con su novia
he would go out with his girlfriend
tomaba refrescos
he would drink sodas
pasaba horads tomando el sol
he would spend hours sunbathing
cada dia
una medalla de oro
a gold metal
se quedo en ultimo lugar
he came in last place
no gano nada
he/she didnt win anything
en vez de entrenarse
insted of training
he/she arrived
se subia de peso
he gained weight
se bajaba de peso
he lost weight
la carrera empezo
the race began
they ran
todos empezaron
they all began
iba despacio
he went slowly
gano el campeanato
he won the race
estaban preocupados
they were worried
por horas seguidas
for hours and hours
ni siquiera una hamburgesa
no even a hamburger
hueso fritos
fried bone
to distance oneself
le dio
he gave
queria competir
he wanted to compete
tenia ganas de competir
he felt lyke competing
era flojo
he was lazy
iba mucho al cine
he would go to the movies
comia dulces
he would eat candy
antes, iba a la playa
before he would go to the beach
cuando eras joven
when he was young
lo dejo
she left him
they went
hacia ejercicios
he would exercise
se acostaba muy temprano
he would go to bed early
empezo a levantar pesos
he started to lift weights
estaba listo
he was ready
tenian la misma meta
they had the same goal
querian lograr la medalla de oro
they wanted to obtain the gold metal
se portaba diferente
he would behave differently
comia palomitas
he would eat popcorn
de pronto
se sinto mareado
he felt dizzy
alreador de
se desmayo
he fainted
se cayo
he fell