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Como te llamas?
What's your name?
De donde eres?
Where are you from?
Te gusta leer o escribir?
Do you like to read or write?
Como estas hoy?
How are you today?
Que dia es hoy?
What day is it today?
To like
Me gusta
I like
Te gusta
You like
Le gusta
He/She/ You (polite)like
No me/le/te gusta...
I/you/he don't like...
ser de...
To be from
De donde + ser...?
Where is ... from?
la comunidad
el mundo
the world
el pais
Como esta usted?
How are you? -formal
Que tal?
How is it going?
Estoy... y tu/usted?
I'm... and you
De nada
Your welcome
Te/le presento a...
Let me introduce you to...
Vivo en...
I live in
Vive en...
He/she lives in...
Como estas?
How are you? -familiar