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no es justo
it's not fair
Le voy a hablar.
I am going to talk to him.
Le hablo a Paco.
I am speaking to Paco.
No es verdad.
That's not true
me encanta
I very much like
me gusta mas
I prefer
tengo que hablar

tener que + infinitve
I have to speak
Hoy es lunes.
Today is Monday.
Tengo una cita el viernes.
I have a date on Friday.
va a comprar

ir a + infinitive
is going to buy
A ver
let's see
Que tiempo hace?
How's the weather
Hace calor.
It is hot.
valgame dios
god help me
dios mio
my goodness
Quiere ensalada?
Do you want a salad?
Sabe que hora es?
Do you know what time it is?
No entiendo bien,
esta en espanol.
I don't understand, its in Spanish.
No esta tan lejos.
It's not that far.
Quieres mi foto?
Do you want my picture?
Solo un poquito mas, por favor.
Just a little bit more please.
Que buena cena.
What a good dinner.
Con gusto
with pleasure
La bellaza cuesta.
Beauty comes at a price.
Puedo hacer una llamada?
Can I make a phone call.
Que pena.
Too bad.
Era tan quapo.
He was so cute.
Tiene tiempo manana?
Do you have time tomorrow?
A que hora?
At what time?