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Tengo suerte.
I'm lucky.
Hoy/Manana es...
Today/Tomorrow is...
Tengo cuidado.
I'm careful.
Me llamo.../Se llama...
My name is.../His or her name is...
Tengo calor.
I'm hot.
Me gusta...
I like...
Tengo prisa.
I'm in a hurry.
Que dia es hoy/manana?
What day is today/tomorrow?
Que te gusta?
What do you like?
Como te sientes?
How do you feel?
Cuantos anos tienes/tiene?
How old are you/is he?
Tiene los ojos...
He/she has....eyes.
Tengo miedo
I'm afraid.
Son las/Es la...
It is....o'clock.
Cual es la fetcha?
What's the date?
Mi cumpleanos es
My birthday is (day) (month)
Te interesa?
Are you interested?
Como te llamas?
What is your name?
Tengo hambre.
I'm hungry.
Cuando es tu cumpleanos?
When is your birthday?
Que le gusta?
What does he/she like?
Mi telefono es....
My phone number is....
Como se llama?
What is his/her name?
Tengo sueno.
I'm sleepy.
Cual es tu telefono?
What is your phone number?
Que hora es?
What time is it?
I am...years old.
Tengo sed.
I'm thirsty.
Le gusta...
He/she likes...
Soy/Es de...
I am/He or she is from...
De donde eres/es?
Where are you/is he or she from?
Tengo frio.
I'm cold.
Me siento...
I feel...
Tiene el pelo...
Que lleva?
What is he/she wearing?
Que tal?
What's up?
Como es?
What is he/she/it like?
Le/te presento a...
Let me introduce you to...
Tengo ganas de...
I feel like...
Que pasa?
What's happening?
Como estas/esta?
How are you
(No) Estoy bien
I'm (not) very well.