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What is the date?
Cual es la fecha?
For December 14
What day is it?
Que dia es?
For Monday
What do you need for your math class?
Que necesitas para tu clase de matematicas?
3 or more items
What is in your spanish class?
Que hay en tu clase de espanol?
3 or more items
What do you want to do tommorow?
Que quieres hacer manana?
Do you have a lot of homework everday?
Tienes mucha tarea todos los dias?
Answer: YES
Are there a lot of books in your backpack?
Hay muchos libros en tu mochila?
Answer: YES (list books)
How many books do you have?
Cuantos libros tienes?
For: 12
What's the weather like?
Que tiempo hace?
For: Very cold and windy
What is your telephone number?
Cual es tu numero de telephono?
817 8686 0784 - USE
How do you say eraser in Spanish?
Como se dice eraser en espanol?
la goma de borrar!
What music do you like?
Que musica te gusta?
R&B and Hip Hop
What are you like?
Como eres?
What are your three favorite clases?
Que son tus clases favoritas?
be sure to pronounce FAV ORE EE TAS
When is your birthday?
Cuando es tu cupleanos?
June 28
What is your name
Como te llamas?
use your question format!
Where are you from?
De donde eres tu?
How are you?
Como estas? OR Que tal? OR ...ect.
know many ways
Do you like rock music or classical music?
Te gusta la musica de rock o la musica de clasica.
clasica; mi encanta bach!
What do you like to do?
Que te gusta hacer?
2 things at least
What do you need to do on Saturday?
Que necesitas hacer el Sabado?
2 things at least
What is your teacher like?
Como es tu profesora?
What is your favorite class like?
Como es tu clase favorita?
Where is the computer screen in your Spanish classroom?
Donde esta la pantalla en tu clase de espanol?
SER or ESTAR ? hmm...
How old are you?
Cuantos anos tienes tu?
Tengo trece anos