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Quiero que obtengan....
I want them to get...
Quiere que se diviertan.
I want them to have fun.
No quiero que sea malo.
I don't want him to be bad.
Es importante que goces...
It's important that ou enjoy...
Es malo que te aburras.
It's bad that you are bored/get bored.
Es importante que me digas...
It's important that you tell me.....
no quiere que sea un fracaso
she doesn't want me to be a failure
quiere lograr algunas metas
s/he want to achieve some goals
es necasario que siga los requisitos
it's necessary that he/she meet the requirements
es mejor que bailes
it's best that you dance
is importante que practiques
it's important that you practice
era recomendable que leyera
it was recommended that he read
sería una meta bien fácil
it would be a very easy goal
Si tuviera......podría
If he had.... he would be able to....
Así sucedió
And that´s how it happened
si pudiera conseguir
if she could get
estaba muy agradecida
s/he was very grateful
podría realizar
would be able to accomplish
estaba desanimada que
was disappointed that
hubiera tanta competencia
there was so much competition
un premio malo
a bad prize