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Ellos levantan el discurso tamaña polvareda.
The lift the discussion into a big outcry.
¿Soy pescado?
What am I, fish? (What am I, chopped liver?)
Se sacan los pañales al sol.
To dry the diapers in the sun (to air dirty laundry)
Estar hasta en la sopa
To be even in the soup (there’s no way to get away from it/him/her)
Un hueso dificil de roer.
A bone dificult to gnaw (a tough problem)
Hay cuatro gatos.
There are 4 cats (there’s hardly anyone)
Mandarle a alguien a freír espárragos.
To have someone fry asparagus (to tell someone to go jump in a lake)
Coger a alguien con las manos en las mesa.
To catch someone with his hands in the dough (to catch someone red-handed)
Acostarse con las gallinas.
To go go bed with the hens (to go to bed very early)
Hacer buenas migas con alguien.
To make good crumbs with someone (to get along well with someone)
Llamar al pan, pan y al vino, vino
To call bread, bread and wine, wine (to call a spade a spade)
Llenar la cabeza de pajaritos.
To fill someone’s head with little birds (to fill someone’s head with empty talk)
Estar en las nubes.
To be in the clouds (to be daydreaming)
Quemarse las pestañas.
To burn one’s eyelashes (to burn the midnight oil)
Parecerse como dos gotas de agua.
To look like two drops of water (to be like two peas in a pod)
Echar leña al fuego.
To throw wood on the fire (to add fuel to the fire)
El mundo es un pañuelo.
The world is a handkerchief (it’s a small world)
No saber ni papa de …
To not even know a potato about (to know nothing about)
Faltarle a uno un tornillo.
To have a screw missing (to be nuts)
Costar un ojo de la cara.
To cost an eye of the face (to cost an arm and a leg)