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tener cuidado
to be careful
tener dolor de
to have pain from*os
to be...years old
tener (mucha) hambre
to be (very) hungry
tener que + infinitive
to have to (do something)
tener (mucha) vergu*enza
to be (very) ashamed
tener (mucho) e*xito
to be very successful
tener (mucho) fri*o/calor
to be (very) hot/cold
tener (muchas) ganas de + inf.
to feel (very much) like (doing something)
tener (mucho) miedo de
to be (very) afraid of
tener (mucha) prisa (por + inf.)
to be in a (great hurry (to do something))
tener (toda la) raz*on
no tener razo*n
to be (completely) right
to be wrong
tener (mucha) sed
to be (very) thirsty
tener (mucho) suen*o
to be (very) sleepy
tener (mucha) suerte
to be (very) lucky