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A noun is a word used to denote a
person place thing idea
john garden book liberty
girl city car despair
In spanish..all nouns are?
Either masculine or femenine
In spanish all nouns have a definite article..what are they for masculine and fem.
el = masculine
la = feminine
When you learn a new noun you should also learn its
definite article
Masculine noun that end in a consonant often have a corresponding________?
feminine form
Some forms that refer to people use the same form for both_______?
masculine and feminine
the indefinite article is used to indicate gender
Nouns that end in -sion, -cion, -dad, -tud, -umbre are masculine or feminine?
Many nouns that end in -ma are ...?
Masculine nouns that end in -ma....?
telegrama, problema, poema,clima, sistema, programa, sistema, tema
Four nouns that end in -a are exceptions amd must be memorized..what are they?
el dia, el planeta, el mapa, el sofa