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Ser un agua fiestas
party pooper
meter la pata
got the other person in trouble
no es para tanto
not a big deal
llueve o truene
rain or shine
este donde este
no matter what you have to be back at nine
estar hasta la coronilla
i've had it up to here
a mi que?
and this has to do with me?
esta en chino
i cant understand this
consultarlo con la almueada
dont worry about it
al pie de la letra
necesitas hacerlo exactamente como yo lo digo
que mosca te pico
why are u acting so different
quien lo iba a decir
who would of thought
Estar de buen humor
always in a good mood
pasarse de la raya
go all the way bad
dar lata
meter la nariz donde no lo llamen
butting into business that isnt yours
es un garon
ladies man
se me paso la mano
to do something and exaggerate it even further
confiar a ojos cerrados