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cerrar (ie)
"to close, to shut"
cerrar (ie) con llave
to lock
comenzar (ie)
"to begin, to start"
empezar (ie)
"to begin, to start"
pensar (ie) de
to think of
pensar (ie) en
to think about
pensar (ie)
"to intend, to plan"
entender (ie)
to understand
perder (ie)
"to loose, to waste"
querer (ie)
to want
mentir (ie)
to like or to love someone
preferir (ie)
to prefer
sentir (ie)
"to feel, to regret"
almorzar (ue)
to have lunch
contar (ue)
"to count, to tell"
costar (ue)
to cost
encontrar (ue)
to find (like) to meet
jugar (ue)
to play
monstrar (ue)
to show
probar (ue)
"to try (out), to test"
recordar (ue)
to remember
soñar (ue)
to dream
devolver (ue)
to give back
poder (ue)
to be able
volver (ue)
to return
dormir (ue)
to sleep
pedir (i)
to ask for
reir (i)
to laugh
repetir (i)
to repeat
seguir (i)
to follow
servir (i)
to serve
sonreir (i)
to smile
un chiste
a joke
así (es que)
therefore, so (it is that)
de vez en cuando
from time to time, once in a while
me duele(n) + (body part)
por eso
because of that
Qué lástima
too bad!
Qué lata
what a bore!
Qué lío
What a mixup!, What a mess!
Qué malo/bueno
How awful/great!
Qué va