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adar (anduv)
to walk
caber (cup-)
to fit
decir (dij-)
To say, to tell
estar (estuv-)
to be
hacer (hic-)
to do, to make
poder (pud-)
to be able, can
poner (pus-)
to put
Producir (produj-)
to produce
querer (quis-)
to want, to wish
to know
tener (tuv-)
to have
traer (traj-)
to bring
to come
conducir (conduj-)
to lead, to drive
traducir (traduj-)
to translate
caer (cai,caiste,cayo,caimos,cayeron)
to fall
creer (like caer)
to believe
leer ( like caer)
to read
oir ( like caer)
to hear
dar (di, diste,dio,dimos,dieron)
to give
ser (fui,fuiste,fue,fuimos,fueron)
to be
ir (fui,fuiste,fue,fuimos,fueron)
to go
traer (traj-)
to bring