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in Latin america, students usually take ______ courses each year?
Why is the private school in Latin america more popular?
they teach in different languages
When is the Latin american summer vacation?
November to February
Spanish houses are different from American houses because...
the houses are very old, and they have interior gardens (patios)
In spanish houses, the interior garden tradition was inherited from...
the arabs
Why are spanish houses often painted white?
White reflects the sunlight and keeps the houses cooler in the hot climate
in what country is "El Retiro"?
What country is "el parque de Chapultepec" in?
What does "chapultepec" mean?
"grasshopper hill"
What is the name of the cold soup with tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, and garlic that originated in Andalucia, Spain and is very popular there?
Where is the "caldo gallego" from?
Galicia, Spain
What is the "caldo gallego" made with?
meat and potatoes
Where does the running of the bulls take place?
Three things that people do during the "fiestas de San fermin"?
1) run with the bulls
2) dress in red and white
3) have a lot of fun
Which sentence has the correct form of the verb "estar"?

1) Maria esta esperando a su hermano.
2) El novio de Gloria esta muy simpatico.
3) Mario estar muy triste.
4) Pedro y yo estamos enfermos
4) Pedro y yo estamos enfermos.
ELF= Estar= location and feeling
When your mother wants you to clean your room, she will say...

1) Tu cuarto esta desordenado.
2) Me parece que debes limpiar tu cuarto.
3) !Limpia el cuarto!
4) !Que desorden!
3) !Limpia el cuarto!

(tu commands)
Change this into the other form of a tu command:

"!Por favor, Maria, limpia la casa!"
) !Limpiala! (accent over first i)
Please read the book can also be phrased as...
!Leelo! (accent over first e)
Choose appropriate negative word:

?Quien sirve aqui?
For a question usuing hace que:

Hace tres meses que trabajo en Friendly's.
?Cuanto tiempo hace que trabajo en Friendly's?
?que hace ese campesino?
________ tomates.

a) apaga
b) Alquila
c) Recoge
d) enchufa
c) recoge.
?Quieres _________ en la rueda de feria?

a) dar una vuelta
b) asustar
c) ir
d) preparar
a) dar una vuelta
El flan es un(a) _________

a) pastel de fresas
b) Plato con arroz y pescado
c) postre dulce
d) sopa picante
c) postre dulce.
Me cepillo con la ________ y el __________.

a) pasta dentrifica, despertador
b) pasta dentrifica, peine
c) pasta dentrifica, cepillo de dientes
d) pasta dentrifica, champu
c) pasta dentrifica, cepillo de dientes
Complete the following sentence with the correct form of "ensenar".

Andres y Camila ________ en la escuela secundaria.

a) Enseno
b) Ensenar
c) Ensenamos
d) Ensenan
d) Ensenan