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to dance
to drink
to sing
to talk, chat
el día de fiesta
disfrutar (de), gozar (de)
to enjoy
escuchar (cintas, discos compactos, música)
to listen to (tapes, compact discs, music
la fiesta
party, celebration
saludar a los amigos (a la gente)
to greet friends (people)
tocar música (la guitarra, el piano)
to play music (guitar, piano)
tomar una copa (un vino, una cerveza)
to have a drink (a glass of wine, a beer)
los ratos libres
free time
¿Te gusta? ¿Te gustan?
Do you like it? Do you like them?
Me gusta(n). No me gusta(n).
I like it(them). I don't like it(them).
Tengo que estudiar (manejar, trabajar)
I have to study (drive, work).
!Hola! ¿Qué tal?
Hi! How are things?
Bien, gracias. Muy (Bastante) bien.
Fine, thanks. Very (Pretty) well.
Más o menos. Regular.
More or less (fine). All right.
Quiero presentarle(te) a..
I want to introduce you to..
Mucho gusto. Encantado(a).
Pleased to meet you. Delighted to meet you.
El gusto es mío.
The pleasure is mine.
caminar (una cuadra, unas millas)
to walk (a block, a few miles)
to rest, relax
echar una siesta
to take a nap
escribir cartas
to write letters
leer (el periódico, revistas)
to read (the newspaper, magazines)
manejar (Spain: conducir)
to drive (a vehicle)
mirar televisión
to watch television
el/la aficionado(a)
to run
hacer ejercicio(s)
to exercise (do exercises)
hacer snowboard
to snowboard
el jugador (la jugadora)
jugar (ue) a
to play
to swim
el partido
match, sports event
patinar, patinar sobre hielo
to skate, to ice skate
asistir a concierto
to attend a concert
contar (ue) chistes
to tell jokes
dar un paseo
to take a walk
ir al cine
to go to the movies
ir de compras
to go shopping
jugar a las cartas
to play cards
navegar por la Red (Internet)
to surf the Net (Internet)
asistir a
to attend
to help, asist
to know (facts, something memorized), to know how
conocer (zc)
to know, be aquainted with (a person, place, ect) to meet for the first time
to play (music), to touch
jugar (ue) a
to play (a sport or game, to gamble)
al aire libre
out of doors
la chocolatería
chocolate stand or shop
la copa
(alcoholic) drink
dar una vuelta
to take a walk
el/la devoto(a)
devotee, adherent (of a religion)
ir de paseo
to take a walk, go out for a stroll
la madrugada
early morning, dawn
la parranda, la noche de parranda
party, night of partying
la tapería
(Spain) small resturant-bar that serves 'tapas', appetizers
la vida nocturna
night life