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assists other people with problems they may have
advisor, teacher, guide

My mentor assisted me with my math homework.
an ardent follower, supporter, or enthusiast
My mom is a devotee of country music.
Ecstatic, Exuberant, Elates, Euphoric
all mean feel great happiness
I feel ecstatic when I play soccer.
to inform, instuct, illuminate
My sister enlightened me about today's weather.
Furtive & Clandestine
very secretive, very stealthy
My sister is very furtive about her phone calls.
a vile, very contenptalbe act, deed, or person
The little girl acted dispicable toward her mother.
very irritated, annoyed
I felt exasperated because my sister was being a pain.
very compassionte, very sympathetic
Taylor was empathetic toward the little girl with a broken arm.
very skillful, adrat
Alicia is very adept at drawing.
appealing to the sense of beauty
The huge library was aesthetic, in the eyes of the librarian.
choosing from a variety of sources
Edmundo chose ecleticly in guitar class when deciding on a song to play.
a puzzle, a riddle
Most men think that women are enigmas.
deviating from a general rule, an inegularity, something that is out of this place, incongruous.
The llama felt anomalous when he met a group of garffes.
Caustic & Vitriolic
((not literal)) biting, stinging, cutting, scathing
The singers were very caustic today in practice.
a seemlingly contradictotry statement that nonetheless expresses a thruth.
The short student paradoxed herself when she said that she loves being tall.
reprimand & castigate
sharply scold
He was reprimanded because of his report card.
tirade & diatribe
sharply criticize, to denounce in a bitter speech
The teacher went on a tirade when she starting talking about the student's essay.
insightful, discernment, perspicacity
very perceptive, astute, penetrating; openminded
Insightful people are openminded and tolerant.
Laud, Extol, & Acclaim
to praise
The girl's mother acclaimed her for cleaning her messy room.
Brusque & Curt
to blame in manner or speech often to the point of being rude
My sister was acting curt to the trick or treaters last night.
a loyal follower or adherent
synonym = Devotee
Devon is my stalwart because she does whatever I do.
an expert, authority
The scientist is a connosieur because he has studied science for 20 years.
a person who is known for his/her wisdom
My grandfather is a greatly repected sage because he always knows what to do.
a person who opposes laws and government (opposes order)
Criminals are poeple who are considered to be anarchists, because of their oppostion for the law.
a person with great talent, a young genius
Beetoven is a prodigy of music because of his pure genius.
Itinerant & Vagabond
are people who wander
I would hate to be a vagabond because I would not go from place to place with my friends.
a person who is devoid of feeling, mechanical
People who follow the same rutine everyday are automatons.
a person who elicits trust & then betrays that trust, a con man or woman, someone who defrauds
My ex-best friend is a swindler because she has been dis-honest and betrayed me.
a person with great artistic talent, a virtusos is very talented.
One of my best friends, Jamie, is a virtuoso.
a person who is empty-headed
I am a scatterbrain in stressful situations.
a person who is rude and insensitive, a boor lacks refinement and civility
Ricky Huber is a major boor around is old friends.
a person who leads a secluded or solitary life, a hermit
Rucluses are people who tend to not have a social life at all.
a person who is practical and thus not given to flights of fancy
High School Seniors should be pragmatist, when they are trying to get into colleges.
Neophyte, Novice, & Greenhorn
a beginner
Jessica is a novice when it comes to dancing.
a person who mimics the character
Jim acted as an impersonator because he was acting like his best friend Bob.
outstanding; an example to others; worthy of imitation
Examplary students get straight A's on their report cards.
a person who has doubts, a skeptic asks questions and lacks faith
The woman was skeptical about accepting the free money.
a fake, fraud, cheat
My ex-best friend Brittany is a charlatan because she was always acting fake.
lacks conviction (strong belief) because of mixed feelings
The stressed mother was ambivalent about letting her children go to camp alone.
of little value, trifling and therefore lacking signifance
The teddy bear that I received from my ex boyfriend is paltry.
unclear, not certain
The girl's answer to the boy's question was ambiguous.
lacks organization
His incoherent babbling confused his other peers in the classroom.
Merciless & Ruthless
cruel & therefore lacking compassion, feeling
The scrooch was ruthless when he decided not to give some of his fortune to the poor.