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A is for Apple
Apple = Manzana
B is for Bear
Bear = Oso
C is for Carrot
Carrot = Zanahoria
D is for Dog
Dog = Perro
E is for Egg
Egg = Huevo
F is for Finger
Finger = Dedo
G is for Garden
Garden = Jardin
H is for Head
Head = Cabeza
I is for Ice Cream
Ice Cream = Helado
J is for Juice
Juice = Jugo
K is for Kiss
Kiss = Beso
L is for Lion
Lion = Leon
M is for Milk
Milk = Leche
N is for Nose
Nose = Nariz
O is for Octopus
Octopus = Pulpo
P is for Purple
Purple = Morado
Q is for Queen
Queen = Reina
R is for Rat
Rat = Raton
S is for Sun
Sun = Sol
T is for Turtle
Turtle = Tortuga
U is for Under
Under = Abajo
W is for Witch
Witch = Bruja
Y is for Yellow
Yellow = Amarillo
Z is for Zebra
Zebra = Zebra