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to bathe; to take a bath
banarse (reflexive)
to shave
afeitarse (reflexive)
to brush one's teeth
cepillarse los dientes
to brush one's hair
cepillarse el pelo
to shower; to take a shower
ducharse (reflexive)
to get angry (with)
inojarse (con) (reflexive)
to go away; to leave
irse (reflexive)
to wash one's hands
lavarse las manos (reflexive)
to wash one's face
lavarse la cara (reflexive)
to get up
levantarse (reflexive)
to be called; to be named
llamarse (reflexive)
to put on make-up
maquillarse (reflexive)
to comb one's hair
peinarse (reflexive)
to worry (about)
preocuparse (por)
to fit (clothing)
to be left over; to fit
quedarse (reflexive)
to take off
quitarse (reflexive)