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Who was Bienvenido Mister Marshall directed by and what year?
1952, Luis Garcia Berlanga
What distinguishes BMM in Spanish cinema?
1st realisic comedy in spanish
What was the Marshall Plan?
a symbol, European countries that fought in the WWII needed economic help. in the Pacto de MAdrid of 1953, americans said they would help and los EEUU had 4 military bases in Spain
What types of movies did directores make in the 50s?
Continuistan: follows the Franquista model, has a religious or musical theme) and Disidentes: crictical movie of the government
What was the town BMM took place in?
Villar de Rio en Castilla
What is the town preparing for in BMM?
a fiesta de bienvenida
Who is the mayor?
Don Pablo
What is Manolos role?
manager of Carmen Vargas
What was the idea for the party of welcome?
to disguise the town as an Andulucian town
What was the dream of Don Cosme?
he was a priest. ppl were dressed up like KKK. black film of 50s. prescence of death penalty.
What is the dream of Don Luis?
he is a caballero. his family has a good name but no money. model of cine franquista. use film as instrument of propaganda.
What is the dream of Don Pablo?
he is the mayor and he dreams of a western. they play poker and drink whiskey. it is a critique of the franquista model of film for spanish ppl.
When and who directed Carmen?
Carlos Saura, 1983
What was the origen of the myth of Carmen?
French, novela: merimee (acento 1 e) y opera (Bizet)
What is the theme of Carmen?
she is a free woman
How is Carmen (myth) with her lovers?
she is sincere and doesnt have ore than one at the same time
What happens to Carmen in the myth?
She dies for her freedom
In the ficcion part of the movie where and when does Carmen take place?
1835, Sevilla
In realidad, where and when does Carmen take place?
1983, Madrid
What is Carmen's occupation in the ficcion?
cigarrera and fabula de tabaccos
In realidad, what is Carmens job?
Flamenco dancer
Who is Don Jose in Carmen?
In ficcion, his is in the miltary and bring Carmen to jail
Who is Antonio in Carmen?
he is a flamenco dancer and finds Carmen in Sevilla
Who is Tauro in Carmen?
Carmens new lover
Who is Escamillo in Carmen?
in ficcion, un toerero and other lovero f CArmen
Who are the parralels betwen the characters?
Tauro and Escamillo
Don Jose and Antonio
What happens to Carmen in reality and the play?
she dies twice
What makes Carmens death in realidad ficcion?
Antonio stabs her, its dramatic and no one realizes hes killing her
What did the director of Carmen the opera make a game of?
the musical harmony between the classic opera and the modern flamenco
What are some words taken directly from Carmen the book?
"ojos de gitana, ojos de loba"
What does Antonio give to Carmen as a gift and why?
He gives her the books of Carmen to prepare her for the role
What deception do we find out about Carmen in realidad?
she is married to Garcia el Tuerto
Where is Carmen's husband the whole movie/novel?
in jail because of drug traffiking, he has the scar t prove it
What are the two sentidos de Carmen?
Liberal: she is ahead of her time for her freedom
Liberated: she lives free in all aspects of her life
What does the knife symbolize in Carmen?
crime of passion and jealousy
What does Antonio say to show the relacion of men and women in the 19th century?
love with possesion, I dont want to share you with anybody "No quiero compartir con nadie"
When and who directed Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios?
1988,Pedro Almodovar
What is the grea thing about Mujeres?
1st international movie success for Spain and knwn outside of country
Who is the producer of mujeres?
Agustin Almodovar
What are the 4 influences in mujeres?
spanish culture, cinematagraphy drama, cine. comedy, and underground culture
Who is Lucia in mujeres?
ex lover of Ivan and mother of Carlos, se is crazy ever since Ivan left her and just escaped for mthe mental institution. wants to kill Ivan
Who is Ivan in mujeres?
actor de doblaje and womanizer, ex lover of Pepa father of Carlos
Who is Carlos in Muejeres/
son of Lucia and Ivan, boyfriend of Marisa and has a thing for Candela
Who is Candela in mujeres?
friend of Pepa, has a terrorist boyfriends get with Carlos
What does Pepa put in the gazpacho and why?
somniferos, sleeping pills
What happens to Marissa?
she drinks the gazpacho and sleep for most of the movie, she wakes up a nicer person and she had an erotic dream
Why is Ivan a mentiroso?
he told Pepa he wasnt going to be with another woman and he is
How is Carlos also a Don Juan?
he seduces Candela while Marisa is sleeping
What is the improtance of fire in mujeres?
Pepa wants to burn her bed to cleanse her life and start a new/ symbol of her relation with Ivan
What is the Espana negra aspect of mujeres?
pepa is in a commercial and she is the mother of a gangster/assasin
How is bolero/love shown in muejres?
the song Soy Infeliz becaause she abandoned by Ivan when she is pregnant
What is the drama cinematografico clasico of mujeres?
Pepa is abandoned by Ivan. She discovers she preganants and intends to speak with him but they tlak through answering machines
How is mujeres a comedia cinematografica clasica?
he urban environment of Madrid. the apartment has importance for the women and the phone and answering machine are symbosl of communication but really separates them
How is mujeres the underground culture?
red color which is important because amor and passon tiene mucha fuerza. Luci dresses like shes still in the 60s because her mind hasnt matured from the mental institution. como andy warhol