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apretar (e>ie)
to tighten
atender (e>ie)
to pay attention
cerrar (e>ie)
to close
comenzar (e>ie)
to start
confesar (e>ie)
to confess
defender (e>ie)
to defend
empezar (e>ie)
to start
entender (e>ie)
to understand
mentir (e>ie)
to lie
perder (e>ie)
to lose
pensar(de/en) (e>ie)
to think (about
preferir (e>ie)
to prefer
sentir (e>ie)
to feel
sugerir (e>ie)
to suggest
tener (e>ie, go)
to have
venir (e>ie, go)
to come
querer (e>ie)
to want, to love a person
decir (e>i, go)
to say
medir (e>i)
to measure
pedir (e>i)
to ask for, request, order
rei(accent)r (e>i)
to laugh
repetir (e>i)
to repeat
seguir (e>i)
to follow
servir (e>i)
to serve
sonrei(accent)r (e>i)
to smile
vestir (e>i)
to dress
acordar (o>ue)
to remember
almorzar (o>ue)
to eat lunch
contar (o>ue)
to count, tell
costar (o>ue)
to cost
demostrar (o>ue)
to demonstrate
doler (o>ue)
to hurt
dormir (o>ue)
to sleep
devolver (o>ue)
to give back, to return something
encontrar (o>ue)
to find/meet
jugar (u>ue)
to play
llover (o>ue)
to rain
morder (o>ue)
to bite
morir (o>ue)
to die
mostrar (o>ue)
to show
mover (o>ue)
to move
oler (o>hue)
to smell
poder (o>ue)
to can (be able to)
recordar (o>ue)
to remember
soltar (o>ue)
to let go
son(squiggly)ar (o>ue)
to dream
volar (o>ue)
to fly
volver (o>ue)
to come back, to return to a place